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Sagoon – The social media revolution

Sagoon is an innovative and profitable application that has revolutionized the social media. It helps to connect, share and earn free of cost. It is very easy to download in smartphones and tablets from Apple app store or Google play store. In spite of being a multi-application platform, it has been specially designed to bring a change in the negative experiences on social media by transforming it into positive.

Sagoon has successfully created history by connecting South Asia with the world and creating a new social world from it. Launched in India with comprehensive applications collected together, each having special customer presentation policy and distinctive features and making true connections stronger, the application is a boon to social media. It is a reward and no doubt, it eventually untangles your busy life and makes you smart, productive and connected with its three desktop features namely my day, secret and mood talk.
About My Day
My day is a smart tool that is a mirror to your daily activities with your closed ones. It is a visual organizer that has been proven to save time and money effectively. Using this is the fastest way to generate agendas and to-do-lists, and fix reminders. My day has a bunch of happy features that are intended to make your professional and personal daily life simpler and more productive. Lastly, it also gives you a peace of mind!
Multi-location clock: This tool displays date and time of chosen area or the current residing area which you can change anytime, for any specific place of your choice.

Schedule: Helps to plan meetings, set project deadline, assign tasks and complete various other functions which you can share with family, friends or anyone, and anytime.
Share calendar: It is a smart way to share created schedules with three people at most, daily, by accepting invites.
Reminder: Allow reminder to remind you things you often miss out like taking medicines, or any important and it will never forget to remind you.
Weather: Shows weather condition of the chosen area or the current residing area which can always be changed to any other specific place.
To-Do List: This facility helps you plan things and keep a track of your projects, planning, or expenses in a proper way.
About secret
The secret is a way to express oneself without actually letting people know who is behind the keyboard. You can learn, find or share anything that is happening with you or your surroundings, to people whom it can benefit in any way. With a maximum of 220 characters and 3 images, you can post a story anytime in a day as a user. Whether the post will have your name hidden or disclosed is up to you. You can even choose a single person to send your story or publish it publically. The number of people who have reached your story can also be tracked down.
Build secrets: Create stories, to share secrets with friends or strangers.
Set privacy:  Hide your identity on share with this feature
Track down secrets: The number of views and, cities and countries, where ever your secret travels to, is easily tracked.
Hot secrets: Really capable of creating a huge fan following? Well, hot secrets will let you know once your secrets begin to trend and have tremendous, comments, likes, and shares.
Attach images: You can choose multi images but to a limit of three images, depending upon the type of story you have created, and attach to your secret.
Like, Dislike, Comment or Share: This feature helps you give your opinion on a particular open chat that has pleased you in any way.
About Mood Talk
Mood Talk is a strange but exciting way of presenting your daily mood. You can do the talking with unlimited numbers of crazy stickers and emoticons during any group or personal chat.
Set the mood: Happy, sad or angry? Share with everyone using this tool.
Search friends: Look for friends easily in the search column at the bottom.
Attach files: Files in any format is possible to share with a friend while talking.
24-hour delete: This is a special feature that will have all your conversations deleted after 24 hours.
Sagoon has not only brought the world closer to strangers but also placed opportunities to showcase our emotions to the world without any hesitation of the society. It is a major change towards how people of future generations will react when they meet new people as they will be well versed in different types of stories and people beforehand. Words will matter to people more than live features through this revolutionary application.