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Review of Sagoon: the social platform connecting all

Sagoon is a social media platform which combines the features of Facebook and Snapchat. Thus, it targets the tech-savvy and gadget-friendly generation that likes to spend most of its time in the virtual world. It is a free application that can be easily downloaded from Google Play store. One can not only connect and share using Sagoon but one can earn too. This makes Sagoon unique and different from the other social media platforms available these days.

Some of the distinct advantages of using Sagoon:
Unlike other social media platforms where people can spend hours together every day in totally unproductive activity, Sagoon actually claims to make your day more fruitful and productive with its ‘My Day’ feature. This feature helps a person to organize his/her schedules for the day and we even share it with colleagues, friends and family members so that even they are aware of your schedule. This results in less disturbance and allows one to be more productive. Features like reminders help to remind one of pending projects and their deadlines and important upcoming events.
A feature known as ‘Mood Talk’ enable you to let your moods do the talking for you. If on a particular day, you are feeling unwell, you can set your mood as sick. Everyone on your contact list will get notified about your mood. The conversation or chats can then happen accordingly. This is unlike other social media platforms where other people cannot see your mood. You could be feeling really down in the dumps on a particular day but because other people are not aware of your mood, they could end up irritating you.
Through story sharing, you can share your secrets with other people or even limit it to only the people whom you want to share it with. you can also disable further sharing of the story. These secrets are self-destructed messages and leave no trace once they have been viewed.
The ‘Conversation Tool’ is a live chat option. It connects users worldwide in real time.

The ME page is like the personal information page. One can list likes, dislikes and also more information about oneself both personal and professional. This helps like-minded people to connect. It helps students to connect with other students and even mentors who can show them the right path and even job aspirants to connect with possible job opportunities. It is a platform to share and come together for the larger good.
The Sagoon Social Smart Card is its most revolutionary feature. It has been designed to give the viewers an out of the world shopping and gifting experience. You also earn money when you log on to Sagoon.
The mobile web version is as good as the desktop version with all its features.
Your privacy is never compromised and the unique id given to you shields you from any unwanted activities.

Are there any disadvantages?
It does not provide a list of vendors for buying gifts. This should also become available in the near future.

Thus, we can see that Sagoon has everything and much more for those who love to be on social media. It, in fact, works actively to organize and declutter your life. it helps like-minded people to connect and create a better society. The most attractive feature is the component of earning that it incorporates.

Sagoon, as a social media platform promises to be much more than the already existing ones and in a short time has already progressed by leaps and bounds. it already has 1.1 million global users in its web-based offering. Sagoon is here to stay as more and more people join the Sagoon family.