Report says India has the ‘slowest’ internet speed in Asia

1 July-2014, ERIC BELLMAN/WSJ: In addition to power lines, toilets and roads, India’s new Prime Minister may need to invest in the country’s onramp to the information superhighway.

Report says India has the ‘slowest’ internet speed in Asia

Report says India has the 'slowest' internet speed in Asia

India has the slowest Internet connection speed in Asia, according to Akamai’s latest, quarterly “State of the Internet” report.

Among the 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region in the report, India came in dead last with an average connection speed of 1.7 Megabits per second last quarter.

That’s less than one tenth of the blazing speed web surfers can clock in South Korea. It’s only one third the speed in Australia, Singapore or Thailand and one half the speed of China.

India’s Internet speeds are still way below the global average of 3.9 Mbps.

“Given the long-term trending seen for this metric, it is likely that the global average connection speed will finally reach and hopefully surpass the 4 Mbps broadband threshold in the second quarter,” said the report from the U.S. company which provides content distribution and security as well as cloud software.

And it doesn’t look like India is going to be catching up with its neighbors very quickly. It’s average speed only edged up 8% from a year ago while most countries in Asia saw their average connections speeds jump by more than 20%.