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Interview between the Lion of Television and the philosophical leader of Nation

Delhi, January 28, Rimo Bose: It has raged a storm not only in the political sphere but also in the media sphere along with the whole nation’s inquisitiveness. Rahul Gandhi the well known face of Youth congress comes face to face with the strictest interrogator of Indian news media, Arnab Goswami.

arnab interviews rahul gandhi

The interview was a pre-recorded one which was broadcasted all over the nation on Monday. This interview unraveled the thoughts of Rahul Gandhi not only that but it has highlighted several controversial subjects that have been akin to UPA. The conversation rather the interview went on for 1 hour 20 minutes that encompassed 100 questions, which is generally not much witnessed among the leaders of congress party.

Although prior to the airing of the show, frankly speaking, there have been lot of dissection and pun and pranks were cracked on the social networking sites such as Rahul might be the wild card entry into the den of Goswami.

However, some of the questions that were asked to him, initiated with a light question regarding his first election as well as the first interview that he has give. Then this warm up question climbed upto a level where he was interrogated about his acceptance for the designation of next PM,  fear of Modi and finally to his drubbing in the election contest.

The whole interview session not only gave light to the issues but also highlighted the plans Rahul has in his mind. Nothing comes without failure and being a politician nothing comes without the support of mass and MPs especially for the selection of PM. On the arrival to the subject of Manmohan Singh’s the present PM of the nation has placed confrontational allegations on Modi regarding the turbulence and riots in Gujarat in the year 1984, Rahul answered that the government did its best to console the mass and to restrain it. Without speaking explicitly he made his point clear in support to the PM. Eventually Rahul glided into the topic of Green Revolution.

After several attempts to crack and wriggle out a response regarding the battle between congress and Modi- Rahul Gandhi finally said that the demise of grandmother and father in front of his bare eyes has made him lot more brave and fierce and to change the whole mechanism of Indian government and politics he is even ready to devote his life even if he is being throttled to death. Although it was tweeted by the interviewer Arnab Goswami, Rahul Gandhi is a zealous man but lacks historical knowledge and is bit wobbly in dealing with the present critical atmosphere. His overall gestures made it clear that at some point due to lack of historical proficiency he was bit hysterical and concerned. Nevertheless, was the aura of the interviewer distressed or the subjects of the discussion? But even Goswami was in contrasting manner whatsoever the interview is pulling lot of grapevine talks.

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