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Bieber is still giving food for the entertainment world

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Florida, January 27, Rimo Bose: No matter what the former singer Justin Bieber leaves no stone unturned. Now he has landed into a jail of South Florida for reckless driving under the influence of alcohol. Not only had this but he had a licensed which has already expired. The bygone year was very disturbing for Bieber he not had retired from the music front but also in lot of cases found to be immoral.

He was witnessed to brawl with the fans. And even gave literally poor performance that it compelled the 5000 people in America to vote for a outcast petition for him. Sadly he could not keep up relation and this Valentines’ Day he might be having a session with Judge of Miami-Dade Court.

Upon the arrest of the 19 year aged star he confessed his consumption Marijuana and alcohol and he even confronted from being arrested. It seems that the stars and their tantrums are now getting havoc for the people and society to tolerate.

Celebs involvement in drugs and alcohol seems to have taken an escalation in present days, and many of them are either visiting rehab units or going behind the bars. It seems that Bieber even out of entertainment still doesn’t stop shocking amusing his followers as well as his criticizers. For the admirers it’s time to sob for the criticizers they got the fodder for antics.

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