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Hi-tech security systems to be installed in three prisons in Delhi

New Delhi, 30 June-2014, PTI: Hi-tech security systems will be installed in three prisons in Delhi, including Tihar, to prevent smuggling of surgical blades and other prohibited items inside the jails.

Hi-tech security systems to be installed in three prisons in Delhi

Hi-tech security systems to be installed in three prisons in Delhi
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In order to improve and strengthen the security system in Delhi Prisons (housing nine jails) at Tihar, District Jail Rohini and Mandoli Jail Complex, X-ray based full human body scanners, X-ray baggage scanner machines, multi-zone door frame metal detector, deep search metal detector and hand held metal detectors will be soon installed, a Delhi government official said on Sunday.

He said these new hi-tech equipments would be provided in the jails so that the smuggling of prohibited items like surgical blades, tobacco, narcotics, knives, mobile phones, etc. Can be stopped.

The office of the Director General of Prisons, Central Jail, Tihar had made requisition for the security devices under the Action Plan 2014-15 submitted to the Secretary (Home), saying these equipments were very much needed for curbing the smuggling of prohibited items in jails.

The Prisons authority have been facing security problem as number of inmates use to smuggle prohibited items like mobile phone, blades, knife, narcotics, etc. In their body cavity.

“For the purpose, there was urgent need of installation of at least two X-Ray based human body scanners. The approximate cost of the machines is Rs 600 lakh,” said the official.

The Jail authorities have also put forth their demands for X-Ray baggage scanner machines for checking of bags and baggage of prisoners like clothes, food, etc.

The process for procurement of these machines has been initiated and soon they will be obtained.

“The Jail authorities have also demanded Multi-zone door frame metal detector to be fixed in jails for detecting smuggling of prohibited items apart from frisking and searching each person thoroughly at the time of the entry in the jail,” said the official.

Deep Search Metal Detectors were also required for search of prohibited items concealed under the earth and in wall and they were needed to be fixed on priority basis.

Jail authorities have also requested for the setting up of Hand Held Metal Detectors which are required in the jails for physical checking of the inmates apart from fixing FG1 security poles.

14 FG1 security poles, which are the portable full body scan system, for strengthening security of Tihar prisons would be procured soon, he said.

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