Bhaijaan is baffled by Jai Ho

jai ho

Mumbai, January 28, Rimo Bose: Salman Khan, whose Jai Ho trailer promised to woo his audience and fans, have been declined to do so. The songs and even the script and acting could not impress his admirers. Not only had that but khan even said that the distinctive try might not have worked for the audience. He even added the crowd must have been hoping for a ‘Dabbang’ effect or ready.

Nevertheless, Salman said that the viewers should accord with the subject of the movie which comprises of a message meant for the social cause and benefits. The movie is bowed before the audience the social causes and how to bring change in the life of society.

Salman who is known for his action romantic movies and for his being human gesture and campaign said that the success of the movie is very much on the shoulders of the actors as they are responsible to portray the characters.

Khan did not deter to acknowledge that the music didn’t work much in favor for the film. Khan even candidly took the criticism on him for the movie Jai Ho made by his sibling Sohail Khan. However, this is just the beginning of the year although the film has grossed near about 61 crore rupees.