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What is Assisted Living?

Not all people who are turning old, needs medical attention everyday, or in that matter of fact every week. About 10000 people in the US are turning 65 every day. Most of them are able to take care of themselves, but need help in some of the daily chores, and dont need constant supervision. If you or your loved one, is in such a situation, then assisted living environment would be the best suited option for you.

Majority of the older adults nowadays are pushing back the idea of getting admitted into a healthcare facility or a nursing home, every time they need some special care. They are moving towards assisted living apartments. If you or your loved one, is in a transitional stage of aging, then assisted living complexes are the right choice for you. For example, if you are not okay with your loved one managing everything by himself/herself, from medical needs to his/her’s personal needs, and you feel that he/she needs some assistance in doing so, then assisted living is a good option. In general sense, if an elderly person needs some assistance with his/her daily chores but, at the same time would appreciate some independence, then the assisted living facilities are best for them. Again sometimes, it so happens that, you being the only child of your parents, live far away from them, and can’t afford to visit them every week or so, to attend to their needs. In these cases also, assisted living helps a lot.

What Services are Provided?

The service that assisted living predominantly provides is the service to assist elderly people with their daily needs. It is a good choice for elderly people who need a little bit of freedom in their day to day life, but at the same time needs assistance to go through some of their daily needs such as, grooming, cooking or showering, or sometimes helping them go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Assisted living facilities also have contracts with nearby hospitals and doctors, who they call in case of an emergency. Hence, staying at an assisted living facility will also make you eligible for getting medical assistance as soon as possible.

Is it the Same Thing as a Nursing Home?

An assisted living facility is not the same as the nursing home. While some of the features are same as that of a nursing home, but most of the features of the assisted living facility are not the same as Nursing homes. In a nursing home, elderly people are treated as patients and hence, they are given 24*7 care. But, in an assisted living facility, privacy and freedom are extremely valued and hence, the elderly people are allowed to lead their own life independently. But, they are also given a button, which they can press in need, and attendants will come within minutes.

Assisted Living And Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

Living in an assisted living environment will give the elderly people a sense of associativity and socialization. They can talk and interact with the other elderly people living in the same environment, and hence, they will not feel bored.

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