Youths standing strong to save stray dogs in Raipur

Raipur, 29 June-2014, TNN: It may call for another task for civic body to save dogs facing objection against its campaign of catching and leaving the canines in the outskirts of city. In an absolute contrast to citizens’ reactions towards street dog menace, meet Raipur’s group of youths who are on a mission to save stray dogs being cruelly caught by animal grasper equipment and thrown outside.

Youths standing strong to save stray dogs in Raipur

Youths standing strong to save stray dogs in Raipur

Seem to have inspired from famous Bollywood flick ‘Chillar Party’ they claim that not all canines are harmful and not all localities are affected by dog menace, hence they should not be mistreated.

A group of 8-10 youths, including a middle-aged woman, approached TOI with their concern and talked about their unique style of saving canines.

While Kasturi, an engineering student, runs a personal dog rescue centre which she has named Sankalp, another youth Omesh gets in a scuffle with dog catchers for their brutality almost every day.

“When a man rapes, only he is put behind the bars, and not all men on Earth, then why are hundreds of dogs brutally captured and thrown out of the city? A large number of dogs are shoved in vehicles and left to die. Citizens and authority figures need to understand that animals depend on us for food, moreover, they also act as guards. There have been cases when dogs have scared away various gangs of thieves from different residential areas,” Yogita Vaishnav, 28, told TOI.

Rupal Chopra said in areas such as Choubey colony, Samta colony, Kushalpur, Bhatagaon, Tiranga Chowk people object to catching of stray dogs and dragging them away. “We prefer to tie a band around a dog’s neck so that animal catchers think it’s a pet and don’t catch it. The population of canines can be controlled by sterilization but even that is not done. RMC has also admitted that they are not following the permanent solution.” While mayor Kiranmayee Nayak has been talking a lot about upcoming sterilization centre, RMC commissioner Avneesh Sharan told TOI that the centre will be launched by June end, of which there is no sign.

The group also made efforts to meet mayor and discuss the issue, mayor allegedly again cried hoarse about shortage of funds.

Dr Sanjay Jain prominent veterinary doctor has been explaining that dogs get aggressive because of extreme hunger, due to heat or it’s the leftover meat they feed upon that makes them violent.

To this the youths said that they are ready to collaborate with municipality and raise awareness among people so that they can get sensitive towards dogs, “This kind of pampering of dogs may bring down dog bite cases also,” they said.

Shailbala, 26, a bank employee said an Animal Welfare Board, which should have introduced in the state long back in 2011, soon after the Act came into existence has not taken-off in Chhattisgarh. “We have written to PETA, Animal Welfare Committee in Chennai, Menaka Gandhi’s People For Animal and few animal rights NGOs working in New Delhi. If things go well, we will tie up with some NGO and take the charge to fight for rights for animals in Raipur,” Shailbala said.

The group plans to meet chief minister with all facts and figures and so that an initiative to improve the lot of animals can be made.

Raipur as of now has a dearth of people working for animal rights and doesn’t have any such group that could sensitise people or administration towards animals.

For those interested in saving and helping animals these youths have introduced a helpline number 8982495151 wherein they can call and get animals rescued.

Dog saviour

Renuka Sonwani who is a resident of Kashiramnagar has been feeding about 40 dogs everyday in and around her locality for the last 10 years. Other residents also followed the practice and got friendly with dogs. Three days back when RMC’s dog-catching team came to catch the canines in her locality, Renuka allowed 30 dogs inside her house in order to save their lives. “But I knew I was going against administration and after a brief scuffle I let them go with teary eyes. Today eight dogs reside in my compound and am too attached to them to let them go”.