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Tussle between Bengal and capital

Tussle between Bengal and capital

New Delhi, January 28, Rimo Bose: Finally the tussle for the grant of rural development has come to rest. The squabble between the savage attacks on the Central Government, India has caused distress and agony expressed by a minister of union.

This irksome words of State’s minister Dr. Amit Mitra and Subrata Mukherjee in public forums that was bit too revealing in dealing with center’s matter and being belittling to the center has caused a lot of disturbance. This even led to blockade in the cash pouring under Mahatma Gandhi national Rural Employment Guarantee Act Funds for Bengal. Even in response to the harsh of state ministers the Union rural development minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh has sent his words expressing the incapability of Bengal’s infrastructure that might have been improved previously.

The squabble between the center and state went so far that it took too long to ease off. Even the center made a point a point that 584 crore was expensed for the panchayat development and working under the Bengal.

A sense of respite has dawned over the state of Bengal when the center has decided for an all new grants for the state. The state even showed the urgency for the need of crore 1,500 rs.

Union minister Ramesh has confirmed that the center never restrains any cash for the development of rural regions but one has to meet the mandatory conditions. This cash pouring and the scheme might be developed by the government not only that it promises 100 days work. It can be said that rural development is one of the agendas for both central and state ministry.

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