Every Major Couple Of Friends Ranked By Their Cuteness



Between them, the main characters of Friends rack up quite a few exes over the course of the show’s ten seasons. The gang’s numerous dating failures – and occasional successes – helped to make the show one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time. Some couples, like Ross and Emily, were always destined to be doomed. Others, like Phoebe and Gary, were infuriatingly close to working out well. Either way, the constant romantic twists and turns of Friends kept us all glued to our screens.

The question is… Who is Friends’ ultimate adorable power couple? Is it Ross and Rachel, whose agonizing on-and-off relationship had more ups and downs than the world’s most complex rollercoaster? Is it Joey and Rachel, whose unexpected pairing wasn’t actually that bad of an idea? But what about Monica and Chandler and their sweet transition from friends to spouses? We’ve decided to rank every single major couple in Friends according to how adorable they truly are. Warning: you might not like where we’ve placed some of your favorite romances…

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