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Ex-NBAer Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife Arrested In Connection With His Murder Back In 2010

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It took seven years for investigators to catch a break in the murder of Lorenzen Wright, which was one of the most gut-wrenching unsolved cases in Memphis Sports history and earlier this month, they got that break.

Officers arrested a 46-year-old man with first-degree murder in the case of the 2010 killing of the former NBA center and he is not going down by himself.

Immediately after the murder, questions always centered around his ex-wife, but investigators could never put 2 and 2 together to link her to anything, until their murder suspect started talking.

The ex-wife of slain former NBA player Lorenzen Wright has been arrested in California in connection with his death, sources close to the investigation said Friday.

The arrest of Sherra Wright-Robinson came after the Dec. 5 indictment of Billy Turner in the former basketball player’s death. Turner was a deacon at Mt. Olive No. 1 Missionary Baptist Church, where Wright’s ex-wife was a former member.

The body of Wright, 34, was found badly decomposed in southeast Memphis in July 2010, and investigators found evidence of shell casings from different calibers at the scene. He apparently called 911 shortly after midnight on July 19, 2010 from a field near TPC Southwind golf course. At least five gunshot wounds were documented in an autopsy.

Records showed that on August 1, 2010, Memphis police searched her home and found burned pieces of metal and a letter addressed to her and Lorenzen Wright, but law enforcement at that time did not say what the items meant to investigators.

In 2014, she agreed to a confidential settlement in a dispute in Circuit Court over how she spent $1 million in insurance meant to benefit their six children.

As for Wright’s mother, she couldn’t have been more thrilled to hear the news.

“Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! They got her! They got her!’’ Lorenzen Wright’s mother, Deborah Marion, told a reporter shortly before midnight. “They need to bury her.’’