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Robert Griffin III Says He Can Do Carson Wentz Type Things; Believes Eagles Should Sign Him (VIDEO)

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With all the noise being centered around Colin Kaepernick being a free agent and not getting another opportunity in the league, Robert Griffin III hasn’t played a single down of football this season either.

The former Cleveland Browns QB hasn’t really been talked about much until he revealed this week that he turned down offers from the Ravens and Cardinals.

The second-overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft wants the right situation and he believes that place is in Philadelphia, , where the Eagles just lost Carson Wentz for the season to an ACL injury.

On Wednesday, RG3 went on ‘First Take’ and referred to when Stephen A. Smith implored the Eagles to “strongly considerâ€� signing Colin Kaepernick and he believed his name should’ve came up in that conversation because he can do Wentz type of things as well.

Transcribed via Washington Post:

“You know, I sat here and I watched you banging the hammer for Colin Kaepernick to go there yesterday, right?� Griffin told Smith during a guest appearance on ESPN’s “First Take.� “I think you should be banging the hammer for me to go there. If you want to talk about a guy that can do similar things that Carson can do, why not? Why not? Why not?�

“Are you trying to say that you might be a better option than Colin Kaepernick?� Smith replied. “I’m talking about on the field.�

“On the football field, every quarterback believes he’s the best option,� said Griffin, who has been out of a job since being released by the Cleveland Browns in March. “That’s just the way it goes. Getting back to Nick Foles, I think Nick believes that he is the best option right now. I believe the team believes that he is the best option right now. They have the utmost confidence in him. [Eagles Coach Doug] Pederson was there when they drafted him, when Andy Reid was there, and he was with him in Kansas City, so they’ve got that vibe together. So I think they’ll be okay. They’re not going to be the dominant football team that they were when they had Carson Wentz, everybody knows that, but they do need to bring in somebody who can do some Carson Wentz type of things.�

As the season winds down, the likelihood a team is going to come calling for Griffin is slim and the 27-year-old is looking ahead for next season.

“I think every quarterback in my situation, being this young, having the success that I’ve had in the league, you want to be a starter,� Griffin said. “That’s what you want. But what am I willing to do? I’m willing to go in and compete to be QB1, because when you’re out of football for a year, you have to have that expectation. Whether I go in as a one or a two, I’m still going in there to compete, but I wouldn’t mind going in and sitting behind an aging vet, learning some things from them, grow with an offensive staff, grow with the team, see the pieces that they can put together and grow as a football player in that way. I’m not opposed to that, but as a quarterback, as a competitor, I want to go in and compete.�