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Unique Places You Can Visit for Spiritual Rejuvenation

Indilens Web Team: Without even realizing it, the Earth and all of its inhabitants are all a part of a greater and beautiful tapestry known as the universe. Even on a molecular level, we are connected to the stars being built from elements that were once a part of a star located billions of light years away.

When we escape to nature, we remember humans actually share common elements of our genome with every single organism that lives or has ever lived. It’s just a matter of small percentage differences that makes an organism grow into a tree instead of a human being.

The very unique ability to interact with the world around us, and the fact that we are all connected, gives us a sense of sameness and belonging that transcends all human imagination. When we discover ourselves in nature, we also discover the Creator.This is because if you truly give yourself over to the allure of nature, you maydiscover the very nature of God.

It is for this very reason that humans search out natural places when searching for spiritual rejuvenation. Thankfully, on every continent, there is at least one location where personal and spiritual growth is possible.Those attuned to the spiritual side of life will be able to experience life in a happier state and be in tune with the Creator when they visit these natural states of wonder.

Mount Shasta, California

The USA is not typically associated with great spirituality due to the fast lifestyle of many of its citizens. But to every generalization, there is an exception and this exception comes in the form of Mount Shasta. There are many who have found spiritual enlightenment while walking the trails.

This location is not simply spiritual because guests can revel in its beauty; it is also considered a spiritual destination because of the natural health opportunities including pure mineral water. Those who journey here find beauty, health, and spirituality in the mountain peaks.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Tourists seeking spiritual rejuventation flock to Uluru in Australia because its unique desert landscape is breath-taking. You simply cannot see a sunset or sunrise in this ancient location and not be moved. The beauty of the scenery, as well as the spiritual practices of the Aboriginal people, is incredibly powerful to behold.

In addition, it is a respected place. If you happen to be there with others, you will notice no one attempts to climb or disrupt the site out of reverence. There is something moving about being up close to a natural wonder and sensing everyone’s mutual appreciation for its beauty. One visit will have bring personal and spiritual reflection.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, Colombia

This uniquely positioned Holy site has many Christian art pieces that have been inspired by its beautiful location. A visit to this amazing underground church within the salt tunnels is a trip anyone seeking spirituality should add to their bucket lists.