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Ashes 2017-18: Australia v England third Test, day two – live!

  • Updates from the second day of play at the Waca in Perth
  • Day one report: Malan maiden ton sets up strong England start
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1.32am GMT

I missed something. I feel like we have a lot to talk about. Share it all. Just photocopyied your body at your work Christmas do? That’s still what people do, isn’t it? Send me a screenshot. In the old money or the new, I’m here for you. Tell me about it.

1.22am GMT

This is usually the bit where I reveal what a brilliant/dreadful day it is outside. But I’ll level with you: I’m yet to open the curtains of my Perth hotel room. Because last night our circuit ended at The Avenue. Nobody poured a pint over me. I didn’t headbutt anyone (other than for photos). But there we have it. My line and length will come, it might just take an over or two.

I went along with OBO regular Will Macpherson, who is writing about the experience, in great depth, for Another Place. So I won’t cut his grass too badly with the nitty gritty. But needless to say, I HAVE NO EARTHLY IDEA WHY THE ENGLAND TEAM KEEP GOING BACK. No (current) players were there last night though, I can confirm, even if Davey Dawid Malan and Mark Stoneman earned a night on the tiles.

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