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The Non-Sewer’s Guide to Hemming

What a hoot! I was talking to a group of plus sized petite women about the various measures we have taken over the years to shorten the clothes we buy that are too long. I never knew hemming could be so funny!

Of course, if you are even reading this, chances are you have done some of these yourself. It’s OK, don’t be embarrassed. You are among friends.

So, here we go:

The Velcro Method–They sell these little Velcro dots in notions departments. The dots have sticky backs so no sewing is required.. All you have to do is place one side of the little dots around the bottom of the garment‘s sleeves or hemline and the other at the right length.. Next you just fold up the two pieces, squish them together and VOILA! Instant hem. Now, don’t skimp on the dots because huge puckers will occur. Oh, and never wash your garment with the dots still on because you might have to replace the dots after they go through the washer and dryer! And one more thing, Never, never iron your garment with the dots on because they aren’t exactly flat and after you iron them you have these big dots impressions along your hemline. So much for quick and easy.

The Safety Pin Method–Just buy a bunch of very small safety pins and keep them on hand if your Velcro Dots fail. This method is very similar to the Velcro Dots Method, and many people prefer this method to the Velcro Dots Method any way. Again, if you skimp on the safety pins, you will wind up with puckers. This is a very convenient method, just remember to place the safety pins on the underside of the garment! Oh, and make sure you use the tiniest stitch possible with each pin because you really don’t want anyone to notice that your hem is pinned up. It is recommended that the pins be removed for laundering because your garment may tend to get rust spots around the safety pins after going through the wash a few times. Do they make rust proof safety pins? Hey, there’s an idea for some budding entrepreneur!

The Scotch Tape Method #1–Just lay your garment down inside out and fold the fabric up to the desired length. Next place 2 inch pieces of Scotch Tape vertically at close increments along the desired length. This method works better on fabrics that are not fuzzy because the tape doesn’t stick that good on fuzzy material. The beauty of this method is that if you get a pucker or need a dart, all you have to do is put another piece of tape there. Don’t worry too much about laundering, just keep plenty of Scotch Tape on hand and redo the hem after each wash.

Scotch Tape Method #2–Only the experts should try this method and unless you can find really wide Scotch Tape, this method should only be used on the most delicate fabrics. Prepare your garment by turning it inside out and folding the fabric up to the right length. Hold the Scotch Tape in one hand and in one continuous motion, use your other hand to press the tape along the hemline, completing one entire side at a time. You really must turn the garment to get to the other side so you’ll have to put the tape down, unless you have a helper. Repeat after laundering.

The Duct Tape Method–Since duct tape doesn’t come in all colors, (Hey, another idea for budding entrepreneurs!) if you are using the usual dark gray duct tape, use it only on dark colored fabrics. This method works well on fuzzy material and is also good for heavier fabric like denim. The advantage of this method is that the duct tape is durable and usually will make it through at least one washing. We aren’t sure about clothes that have to be dry-cleaned–consult with your dry-cleaner when you are dropping them off.

The Super Glue Method–Be very careful when using this method. Some fabrics, especially synthetics, may actually be damaged by the glue. Do a spot test on the fabric somewhere that won’t show. You must work fast and be careful not to get the glue on your fingers, you might wind up permanently glued to your garment. Also, be careful not to glue your garment to the surface you are working on as you really don’t want a table hanging off your hemline.

The Double Sided Scotch Tape Method–Did you know that Scotch Tape comes in “Double Sided Durable” ? You can buy it in any large stationary store. This method is great because if your hem should happen to flip up, the tape is between the layers of the fabric and no-one will know your hem is taped! There are several possibilities for how to apply the tape. You may use small pieces, as in Scotch Tape Method #1 or you may attempt long continuous strips as in Scotch Tape Method #2. Please refer to Scotch Tape Methods #1 and #2 for laundering instructions.

The Press On Hem Method–They actually do make a special tape that you can press on to your fabric using your iron. Be very careful that your hem is exactly the right height because unlike the Scotch Tape Methods, this is a permanent bonding of the fabric. Do not use this method on a child’s clothes because if they grow you will not be able to let the hem down. Also be careful not to use this method on certain synthetic materials because they might melt when you apply the hot iron.

The Staple It Method–This method is only for thick skinned people who do not mind pointing and snickering when they walk by. There are two possible methods of stapling, depending on how thick your skin really is. You can staple from the inside out so only small parts of the staples are showing or you can throw caution to the wind and staple from the outside in. If you do decide to staple from the outside in, try to place the staples so close to each other that the line looks like part of the design of the fabric. Do not wear panty hose if you have used the outside in method as your panty hose will get snags from the staples. Please refer back to the Safety Pin method for warnings about possible rusting when your garment is laundered.

Well, that’s it for now. If you have any other hemming without sewing methods that you would like to share with the world, or if you want to find clothes that don’t have to be hemmed before you can wear them, join our community at [http://www.GrandePetites.com]. We intend to change the shopping experience for Plus Sized Petite Women of the USA!