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DA Won’t Charge OU’s Rodney Anderson With Rape; Accusations Came After He Refused To Be Her BF

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It must feel like Rodney Anderson got a new lease on life after the district attorney for Cleveland County said he would not pursue criminal charges against the Oklahoma running back after accusations of sexual assault.

The announcement was made Thursday at a news conference in Norman alongside prosecutor Susan Caswell, who proceeded to outline the investigation as presented by detectives.

The victim in question initially got a protective order against the Anderson on December 4th after she claimed he raped her back in November.

“Definitely charges not warranted under these circumstances,� Cleveland County DA Greg Mashburn said when asked by a reporter if Anderson was being cleared.

The accuser reported the Nov. 15 accusation to Norman police on Dec. 4. Per prosecutor Susan Caswell, the woman told police she and Anderson went back to her place, where they kissed and then she went to the bathroom to vomit. She came back and they kissed again. She fell asleep and told authorities that Anderson was gone when she woke up.

The DA’s office said the woman told police she began remembering the details of that night approximately two weeks after the fact and that Anderson was “aggressive� and he had penetrated her with his fingers.

In her written summary as a followup to her first report, the woman said they participated in consensual sexual activity while shirtless on her couch before making their way to the bedroom. And that she had a vague memory of what happened there. Both Anderson and the accuser had been drinking that night.

“She told the police upon inquiring that she did not want the sexual activity that occurred, at least in the bedroom, but she never communicated to Mr. Anderson in any way to let him know she did not want to do this,� Cleveland County prosecutor Susan Caswell said.

The woman also told police in her second statement that she and Anderson exchanged phone numbers when he left her place.

Police reviewed text messages between the woman and Anderson, including messages characterized as “friendly� and messages from the woman that “suggested� they get together again were not answered by Anderson.

Caswell said the two had not been together since the night of Nov. 16 and the woman reported the allegations to police after seeing Anderson in passing at a bar. The prosecutor also said a friend of the accuser told police the accuser called her from the bathroom the evening Anderson was at her house. The woman told her friend she was excited Anderson was at her place and she looked forward to brushing her teeth and kissing him again.”

Then more of the accusers friends began to come forward:

“During the investigation, a close friend of the accuser’s contacted detectives and said she received multiple calls, texts and Snapchats from the night the accuser met Anderson. She said the accuser was very excited Anderson was at her house, and while she sounded tipsy she did not sound drunk. The next day, the accuser’s friend said the accuser talked about having a great time with Anderson, detailing the sexual activity, saying she wished they’d had sexual intercourse and that she hoped they’d start a relationship.

Caswell said two additional friends came forward with similar information, saying they believed the accuser had a good time with Anderson and hoped to have a romantic relationship with him. Caswell said the friends even described the accuser as bragging about the relationship, indicating the two had sexual intercourse.”

Anderson’s attorneys noted that the running back passed a polygraph test last week denying the accusation.

Anderson is Oklahoma’s leading rusher, with 960 yards and 11 touchdowns.

As for the team, they will face Georgia on Jan. 1 in a College Football Playoff semifinal.

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