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Farrah Abraham: My Daughter is DONE With Teen Mom OG!

Back in October, Teen Mom: OG fans were abuzz with the news that Farrah Abraham had been fired from the show that made her famous.

Now, it appears that wasn't the case, though frankly, it's still hard to tell what exactly happened, as MTV execs have been mostly silent on the issue, and Farrah's word-salad diatribes have only left us more confused.

So Farrah will likely be returning for at least one more season of TM:OG–but she won't be joined by her daughter, Sophia.

It's an unusual decision, and one that's left many fans wondering if Farrah has something to hide…

1. Like Mother, Like Daughter

Farrah and sophia abraham image
Farrah’s parenting decisions have long been a source of controversy amongst Teen Mom: OG fans. Many have gone so far as to declare the Farrah an unfit mother.

2. Questionable Comments

Farrah sophia abraham pic
Farrah has made it clear that she wants Sophia to become a household name in her own right. In what may have been the most appalling comment in her long history of appalling comments, Farrah once said she hopes the 8-year-old will follow in her footsteps and one day make a sex tape of her own.

3. A Surprising Decision

Farrah and sophia abraham in hawaii
Clearly, the elder Abraham has big plans for Sophia, so many fans were shocked when Farrah announced her decision to remove her daughter from the show that made them both famous. But it seems Ms. Abraham has her mind made up…

4. Snapchat Surprise

Sophia abraham in a yellow dress
Farrah’s decision to allow Sophia to join Snapchat also appears to have been motivated by a desire to raise the girl’s public profile. Thankfully, that experiment was short-lived.

5. No More Sophia

Sophia and farrah abraham
“I will say Sophia is not going to continue to be on Teen Mom,” Farrah recently told In Touch Weekly.

6. Ironic Reasoning

Farrah abraham sophia abraham
The reason for Farrah’s decision was every bit as surprising as the decision itself. It seems Ms. Abraham believes the show encourages immoral and promiscuous behavior in young people…

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