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Telangana Wife Burns BF’s Face With Acid To Replace Him For Her Husband Whom She Just Killed

Hyderabad,Rachna Srivastava: To what lengths are you willing to go to be with someone you love?

While we all have limits, for some the lines are really blurry. And, then, what about the line between the reel and the real world? The statutory warnings for some remain just some words stringed together.

In a film-like setting, a woman in Telangana killed her husband, so that her boyfriend would his place. Hailing from the Nagarkurnool district of Telangana, the couple were inspired by Allu Arjun’s Telugu movie ‘Yevadu’ and tried to imbibe the story in their real life.

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Swathi Reddy with her boyfriend’s help murdered her husband, Sudhakar Reddy and burnt his body in a forest. She then poured acid over her boyfriend Rajesh’s face. They did it to disfigure him beyond recognition. So, that they can have a plastic surgery for him and he can take Sudhakar’s place.

The mother of two called her in-laws for help and informed that he had an accident. He (Rajesh posing as Sudhakar) was rushed to the hospital. After he underwent plastic surgery and treatment which cost them over Rs 5 lakh, his family saw the difference in his behaviour.

They called the police, because they got suspicious. And, you just won’t believe how it was revealed that the new Sudhakar was an impostor. It was using Reddy’s Aadhaar details, which helped in ascertaining the identity using biometric details. When the identity details didn’t match, the conspiracy got busted.

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During investigation it was revealed that the couple in love had killed Sudhkar on November 26, and two days later acid was poured on Rajesh’s face.



What the actual eff is this? This isn’t a first time some movie has left quite an impact on a person’s mind and they have tried to re-enact that in their real life. This is too sad to even think about.