Intel launches two-in-one laptop specially for students

New Delhi, 25 June-2014, Anu Bhat(ANI): Intel launched a new two-in-one laptop cum tablet device today.

The Intel Education 2 In 1 has been specially designed to fulfill the requirements of the students. The prospective represented of this device is- ‘joy of kids’.

Intel launches two-in-one laptop specially for students

Intel launches two-in-one laptop specially for students

Ashutosh Chaddha, the Director of Intel South East Asia mentioned that in this era of ompetition between individuals, the company has a vision of tackling the challenges of today and coming up with solutions.

“The main highlighted feature of this device is that it is rugged. This device is also customized specially in such a way that it gives a valid and easy solution to the students and they can easily multi task by completing their assignments,” he said.

This 2 in 1 device exhibit the flexibility and mobility of the tablet also productivity of a laptop.

The device is very rough and tough even if it falls from a height of 70cm. It’s also dust and water resistance.

They have a salient and unique feature wherein, they have a snap-on camera, which acts as a magnifying lens, and gives students a macro and micro view.

It also inhibits a thermo sensor, which can calculate the temperature of the substance. It is so student friendly that kids can carry an experiment at home.

The device also comes with an Intel Atom Z3740D 1.8GHz Quad core processor. It also has a Windows 8.1, 32-bit compliant operating system. As students have a lot of projects and research to do, Intel has come with a 2GB memory.

It also has a front facing 1.26 MP VGA and a rear-facing camera of 5.0 MP.

To complete the device as a virtual notebook there’s a Stylus. It’s very easy to carry with its sleek body and a handle provided when the screen is shut down. It also comes with inbuilt McAfee antivirus software, which keeps the device safe from all the threats and saves the student’s time.

These entire features come with an affordable rate starting from Rs.24000 onwards. (ANI)