Indian Hostage Crisis: ISIS doesn’t want ransom and no negotiation interested

New Delhi, 25 June-2014(Indilens Web Team): Indian agencies are working overtime to ensure the release of the 39 Indian hostages who were abducted by the ISIS in Iraq. The road so far has not been an easy one and no one has managed to get in touch with any member of the ISIS directly. All the Indian agencies can confirm now is that they are safe and have not been harmed contrary to some reports that suggested that many of them may have been killed.

Indian Hostage Crisis: ISIS doesn’t want ransom and no negotiation interested

Pic: Daily Bhaskar. Indian hostages in Iraq

Indian agencies who are seeking the help of local organisations in Iraq tell that any move to rescue the hostages is being countered by the ISIS. We have been given to understand that the ISIS does not want to negotiate and is not interested in seeking ransom in exchange for the release of the hostages. Moreover what we have also been given to understand is that they want to keep them for as long as possible until the threat of any sort of international inteference dies down. This would mean that they want to hold on to them as shields and in case of any aggression they may try and harm them, the official also informed.

The Indian agencies have sought the assistance of the Red Crescent Society in Iraq to engage in talks and try and secure the release of the Indians. However the head of the society, Yasin Abbass who has been trying to engage the ISIS in talks says that there is no inkling of them trying to negotiate. At the moment they do not want to negotiate with us which would mean they do not want a ransom and are in no mood to release the hostages as yet, he told It is going to be a while before they even decide to talk although we are making efforts all the time, he also informed.

Indian authorites are also constantly speaking with Harjith Singh, one of the captors who managed to escape from the ISIS. An official who has been in touch with him says that he is not stable at the moment and gives us contradicting views. He is completely shaken up at the moment and hence is not able to give us the correct location of the Indians who have been taken hostage, the official also adds. The official also adds that even if he does manage to give the correct details regarding the location, it is hard to make a dramatic entry and secure the release as the ISIS are a bunch of maniacs who can kill very easily. It will take a long time, but the only option is talks and we need to keep trying to get them to the negotiating table.

However the Indian authorities are banking heavily on one fact and that is the ISIS has no direct enemity with India. They knew that capturing Indians will give them the required publicity. Had they wanted to target the Indians specifically they would have killed them as there are over 17000 Indians in Iraq currently which include the town of Mosul and Tirkit which they have caputured.