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Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free Logo Maker

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A logo is not just about catching someone’s eye, but touching emotions, personality, and passion in less than a second.

A logo is your identity, it’s with you when your customer begins a relationship and follows through the entire journey with you. You need to invest in it substantially. A bad logo can mean that you don’t even start the journey. Hand drawn illustrations are the trend now.

Marketing spreads through word of mouth faster than any other medium. It can be a challenge to hit the mark with the right logo, but done right, it can be very rewarding. You can even use a business logo maker to create a professional logo maker.

A logo creator helps you create a logo in minutes. There are dozens of logo creators online. With hundreds of templates to edit and customize, you just need to upload your image or graphic elements through a drag-and-drop tool, customize colours and add text. Many e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, YoKart, and Magento offer logo creation. But can free logo creators be relied on to create a logo that can represent your brand? Here’s a look at why you shouldn’t opt for a free logo creator.

No Original Graphics

An important aspect of creating your logo is originality. The graphics you use must be created by a professional graphic designer or at someone with a knowledge of design.

When you use a logo creator, you’ll use predetermined graphics with no hope of original design. For a quick fix it’s fine, but not when you want it to represent your brand.

Lack of Creative Freedom

Preformatted templates are limited in creative freedom. Although they let you create your logo in minutes. Just like an online website maker and designer, you’re always going to be limited by what the site or platform lets you do.

It’s best to have a solution that provides you with total freedom to create.

Less Creative Fonts

Preformatted online templates give you a cheap, quick and dirty logo. It doesn’t provide the option of quality fonts. Fonts are important and should be original. But logo creators have very little scope for this.

Less Features

Another disadvantage when you use a free online logo maker is that you can only choose from very few features. You may want to add a special feature like a beveled look, shadow effect etc. Using a preformatted logo creator will not let you to do this.

Less Professional Photo Editing

With a free logo maker, you will be limited to the type of photo editor they use. Elaborate photo editing programs such as PhotoShop are better to use than any preordained program. Remember that you’re representing your brand. You need to make sure that your logo reflects the professionalism that you’re representing your company with. This can make or break your image.

Lack of Consultation From Experts

When you use a free logo creator, you don’t have the advice of experts. Having the expert advice is essential, since hiring a design team can help you brainstorm, tell your team what you want, and get the required output.

No Access To Copyright and Trademark

When you do your logo yourself, you’ll have to get your trademark by yourself. This can be a hassle if you don’t have the required knowledge. You must obtain your trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

When you register your trademark, you’ll need to secure it so that it isn’t copied.

If you have intellectual material that includes text, you’ll need to get it copyrighted. In the US, you own the copyright of anything you create.

But you need the aid of an expert to tell you how to go about all of this. Without expert help, if you choose to create your logo through a free logo creator, you’ll find yourself encountering a lot of copyright and trademark issues.

Hidden Charges

Although these logos are advertised as free, they can have hidden charges, where you’re charged at the end rather than outright. In addition, they might ask you to pay a premium as well. This can essentially cost you a lot more for a subpar design than it would to get the services of websites like Shopify.

Less Customization

The biggest disadvantage in using a free online logo creator is that you can’t customize your graphics and logo. Customization is important and essential, since it sets your business apart. In addition, when you use a free logo creator, you may not be able to claim infringement if it ever happens.

Limited Resources and Technical Help

When you use an online logo creator, you won’t have technical help that can help you expand your business.