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Kochi Metro works get delayed: Sreedharan

Kochi, 4 March, Sreeparvathy K.: DMRC Principal Advisor E Sreedharan has expressed his dissatisfaction over the ongoing process of Kochi Metro project giving his concern over not finishing the project in time. He said that only the construction from Aluva to MG road can be completed in time. The main problem is of the land acquisition for the project in addition to the delay in the building of coaches and the work related issues standing as the barrier. Although the re-tender procedures are over, there are some technical issues to be tackled.

 Kochi Metro works get delayed: Sreedharan


“Although the political leaders are saying that the land acquisition is in speed, the actual fact is they are crawling.  The demolitions of shops for the widening of road have also been halted. The government could not find a solution to the worker crisis that is frequently halting the construction activities. In addition to this, the tender notification for coaches got late. Only one company agreed to the tender notification forwarded by DMRC, but the KMRL Director Board demanded to call for a global tender with some changes. These tender procedures made a delay of 5 months in the coach construction,” he added.

Sreedharan also said that considering the current situation Kerala is in, it could not stand without high speed railway line. But the government is not showing interest in it due to many reasons including election. The widening of road in Kerala is very hard as people are not ready to give their land away. But high speed railway line will need only less space, he said.

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