Iraq Witnessing a Popular Revolution, Association of Muslim Scholars

20 June-2014: Dr. Sheikh Mohammed Bashar al-Faidhi, spokesman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, said that what is happening in Iraq today is a popular revolution against the policy of oppression, marginalization and exclusion pursued by successive governments under the brutal occupation, including the current Maliki government.

Iraq Witnessing a Popular Revolution, Association of Muslim Scholars

Iraq Witnessing a Popular Revolution, Association of Muslim Scholars

Sheikh al-Faidhi in an interview with the Saudi Al-Riyadh newspaper that the government exercised over the past years the harshest policies of oppression and corruption against all Iraqis, also pursued a policy of marginalization and exclusion of sectarian deliberate against the major component of Iraqi community.

Al-Faidhi has drawn attention to the great victory achieved by the revolutionaries and successive collapse of Maliki’s military and security forces in Nineveh province, not an accident, but it was the result of ongoing armed actions by the revolutionaries which came after peaceful demonstrations been witnessed in 16 provinces in the twenty-fifth of February 2011, but al-Maliki has suppressed those widespread people’s marches by violence .. pointing out that the beginnings of this popular revolution was modest because it was no intention to involve with the current government, regardless how it came, but the intransigence of al-Maliki government and its continued policy of murder and injustice got conviction everyone that the agendas of this government is purely external.

And about the level of fighting and the size of the losses in the ranks of the revolutionaries, the spokesman said, “The main event of this battle that we can say there is no casualities; confrontations were scattered, and the defeat appeared when the military and security forces and militias proceeded to wear civilian clothes was the obvious effectiveness of the Iraqi scene” .. Explaining that the number of bodies that arrived at the forensic medicine department in the city of Mosul, which was mostly of the military ones, and describing the defeat of government forces and the abandoned weapons and military equipment, which became a booty to the revolutionaries, was a disaster for the Maliki government .

Regarding the Iranian interference in Iraq, al-Faidhi confirmed that Iran has lost a significant milestone, it no longer able to use its influence in our country as a card within its international policies, including nuclear talks .. Expected that Tehran is going to do exceptional efforts in order to support the Maliki government in an attempt to abort the revolution, and to keep Baghdad under control, especially al-Maliki handing over the affairs reins to (Qassem Soleimani) Iranian Guards commander.

On the official position of the Association of Muslim Scholars about what is happening now in Iraq, al-Faidhi said that the Association has issued three days before a statement clarifying its stance on the popular uprising led by revolutionaries against exclusionary and sectarian regime, and confirmed that the popularization of the term ‘Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant’ on the security landscape in a number of Iraqi cities is an open process designed to abort the revolution, and that the Iraqi demonstrators are the origin of the revolution and its major article Hadhantha, also the Association has considered the calls to go to Karbala and Najaf, as irresponsible calls, and have been rejected totally.

(Input source: AMSI)