Baylor's Nuni Omot gave us the first big dunk of the college basketball season

Is anyone else getting Blake Griffin flashbacks right now?

America, meet Nuni Omot. The Baylor senior just gave us the first great dunk of the college basketball season.

Omot was born in Kenya and came to Baylor as a junior college transfer. He made his debut for the Bears in the second semester of last season and was used sparingly off the bench. This year he’s starting for Scott Drew’s team, and it hasn’t taken him long to make a big impression.

Please appreciate the reverse angle, too:

Is anyone else getting suddenly nostalgic for young Blake Griffin right now?

Omot gave us a certified THRUNK (a throw-in dunk. Just go with it). Blake would be proud.

Just look at how much ground he covered after his take-off:

Monstrous. It’s so nice to have college basketball back.