FIFA World Cup and Poonam Pandey’s Dancing for Brazil

Mumbai,18 June-2014(Youtube): Poonam Pandey is once again in the news for same startegies as she had done previously. Well this semi hot siren has made a video of herself dancing in a slinky black bikini top and a sarong to cheer for FIFA World Cup.”Poonam Pandey Dirty Dance For FIFA World Cup” may be fit for that action, We all were quite anxious about when Poonam Pandey will post something hot and new, especially when FIFA World Cup fever is everywhere and finally she heard us all by posting something really sexy.

FIFA World Cup and Poonam Pandey’s Dancing for Brazil

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Poonam Pandey released her new hot video, in which she is dancing wearing just a skimpy black bikini in a place which looks like a pub.Its quite a different style of dance which Poonam is seen performing in this video and offcourse it’s a treat to her fans out there.In the video, Poonam Pandey is seen dancing and swaying her bottom to the music as she is cheering for her favourite football team in the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

Here is a few moment of  Poonam Pandey’s Dancing for Brazil

Poonam Pandey is making sure that her sexy dance will ensure that the temperatures soar to new heights.

Now, if this was not enough, Poonam Pandey has even posted a picture of herself on a social networking website, which shows off her assets in no less measure and she has urged her fans to watch the FIFA World Cup.She has also pledged her fans support to Brazil by posting another picture of herself wearing the hosting nation’s football jersey.

Actually, Poonam Pandey has exposed so much, that now nothing remains to the imagination. Previously when she had said that she would pose nude for the Indian cricket team, people had taken note of her claims. But now this comes naturally. One just wonders how long will these gimmicks work for Poonam Pandey.

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