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Babul Supriyo reveals MP ticket fixing in BJP and Ramdev’s power

Bangalore, 16 June-2014: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has been asserting that he would not play any role Narendra Modi government, but his sole aim was to support Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). However, month after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic victory in the recently concluded Lok Sabha election, it has been revealed that how much power the yoga does have within the party.

Babul Supriyo reveals MP ticket fixing in BJP and  Ramdev’s power

Babul Supriyo reveals MP ticket fixing in BJP and  Ramdev's power

Bollywood singer Babul Supriyo, whose sudden decision to contest election with BJP ticket, shocked everyone when he disclosed the fact that it was Baba Ramdev who had helped him to get the party ticket. In one of his articles, published in Bengali daily Ananda Bazar Patrika, Supriyo stated that he had travelled in a plane on Feb 28 when he found Ramdev sitting next to him and the yoga guru was discussing about BJP tickets distribution. Supriyo then asked the yoga guru, “Baba I also want a ticket. And if you do not give it, I will tell the media how you are giving tickets to people.” The Bollywood singer, who approached the yoga guru in a jovial manner, claimed that Ramdev was shocked and asked his personal secretary to take down the number of the singer.

Days after their journey together, Supriyo received a call from a person who identified himself as Rakesh on March 1. The man has been identified as a pracharak of the RSS, the BJP ideologue. According to Supriyo, Rakesh, during their telecon, had told him, “Baba has told us about you. How much money will you be able to spend? The limit is Rs 70 lakh but some people spend more than that.” But the singer had informed Rakesh that he could not spend such huge amount of money and added, “I love Modiji and that is why I want to contest.” Continuing writing his article, Supriyo stated that he received a second call and to his surprise, it was from Ramdev himself. The yoga guru, according to the singer, told him that his candidature had been confirmed. Ramdev also told Supriyo, laughing, “That will be taken care of by the BJP. But you promise to me that you will learn Pavan Mukta asana (a pose to release gas).” Later the singer got a call from the BJP state president Rahul Sinha on March 7. Sinha, according to the article, asked Supriyo if he had any objection to being fielded from Asansol, he asked, “Why Asansol?” “Because Asansol is a Hindi belt and you speak that language well. We believe if we work hard, we can win that seat,” Sinha told Supriyo. The rest is history. The Bollywood singer, who was struggling to retain his lost glory in the industry, got a BJP ticket and he contested from Asansole, West Bengal. Modi had campaigned for Supriyo. Babul Supriya Baral, popularly known as Babul Supriyo, became a Member of Parliament (MP) by winning the seat with 11,42,395 votes. He had contested against sitting MP Bangsho Gopal Choudhury (CPM) and Dola Sen (TMC). Now, it has been reported that Babul Supriyo might reveal more shocking information in his upcoming article which will be published in the same newspaper on June 22. But with his first article, Ramdev’s role in the BJP has been revealed. Earlier BJP had compared Ramdev with Mahatma Gandhi and Jaiprakash Narayan. Union Defence and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley earlier was quoted as saying, The role played by Baba Ramdev in awakening voters is similar to the struggles undertaken by Mahatma Gandhi and Jaiprakash Narayan. He had no greed of any post. His (Ramdev) motto is to strengthen the system. The struggles he undertook against black Money and corruption is similar to those struggles (undertaken by Gandhi and JP).” However, now it seems that Baba Ramdev might have played a much bigger role for BJP than what it was reported earlier. He had the power to secure a place for a Bollywood singer in the Parliament.

(Input source: OI)

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