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Top 5 Skills an MBA Program Can Instill in You

Indilens Web Team: Today, the business landscape is changing at a faster rate than earlier anticipated by the market.Organizations, SMEs, Institutions and all sorts of businesses are trying to adopt the principle of maximising output while minimising time, effort and workforce.The focus is shifting from traditional management practices to new-age processes and methods of execution. A professional with an MBA degree is equipped with proper skills of managing operations in business domains such as marketing, finance, accounting and management.

MBA or Masters of Business Administration instills the skills of business management in a student. It follows an interdisciplinary approach to learning, which further imparts both academic and non-academic skills.Some colleges offer specialised MBA programmes across various domains that help students learn specific skill catering to one industry.

Top MBA colleges like BML Munjal University provide students with various specialisations like finance, marketing, system management, operations, HR and more. They have tie-ups with top industry names like KPMG for MBA in Accounting and Finance.


Here are top 5 skills an MBA program can instill in you

1.       Leadership

One core competency that stands out from the others is – leadership quality. It comes from blending and integrating various otherskills including emotional intelligence. It is specifically an intangible skill that is not learnt but honed over time. An MBA program pushes students in asituation where they must learn and adapt. A leader successfully interacts with the team and then convinces them to follow his/hervision. Better leaders make better teams and will eventually ensure better productivity for their organisation.Whether one is an office manager or a project leader, all good leaders need to ace at leadership skills to help them positively interact with employees or team members. Employers seek these skills in every candidate they hire for roles across the verticals.

2.     Communication Skills

Although a soft skill, communicating effortlessly is essential and is seen with high regard in all professions. An MBA programmewillinstill both formal and informal forms of communication. While pursuing an MBA programme, you will developstrong reading and writing skills. Online and offline forms of communication are highly crucial for management professionals. Any breakdown in communication can be highly critical for theorganisation and its business with the client.

3.     Investigative Skills

MBA programmes are rooted in various domains that help manage a business more efficiently. Students practice case studies which impart analytical skills within them. Projects are a part of MBA, and a student is required to work with both primary and secondary data for their reports. Thisinstills investigative skills in students where they can find the exact reason for a problem, and find solutions while applying a framework.

4.     Networking Skills

Throughout an MBA course, students are encouraged to interact and network with peers and people in the industry. Networking for MBA students is extremely important because a range of professionals enrol for this course and there are opportunities at every step. Some top MBA colleges might teach networking as a skill, but most universities leave that up to students.Remember, networking skills are an asset in a business environment and an MBA programme will push you into learning networking skills.

5.     Time Management

Students working towards an MBA must be able to manage their time efficiently. In today’s corporate sector, time management isa vital skill as it increases productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. An MBA programme will put students into situations where they must learn the process of planning and exercising conscious control over the time spent on a specific task. With frequent deadlines, an MBA programme pushes students to be ready for the industry.

An MBA degree will impact not only educational skills but also soft-skills that are necessary for today’s job market. It remains one of the most sought for master’s degree. Apart from these skills, an MBA programme will not only instill the skills mentioned above, but also teach them systems, critical and analytical thinking. Teamwork, collaboration and career management are also taught in top MBA colleges.