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Security Researchers opportunity for the Chrome OS and Win 2.7 million

Search Engine Google will offer 27 Lacs to those hackers who could hack its chrome Operating system based on its browser. Google has offered this prize under the punium hacking tournament. Google told in a blog that this tournament is very important to the chrome. Chrome will be more safe by tournaments like punium. This year Punium-4 will be in vankuvar.

Security Researchers opportunity for the Chrome OS

Chrome OS head Sundar Pichai at Google I/O
Last year Google put 3.14159 million dollars in the contest, but paid out just 40,000 dollars to a prolific hacker who goes by “Pinkie Pie,” the contest’s sole participant, for what Google later called a partial exploit.
The top prize is $150,000 for a hack delivered by a Web page that let’s a hacker control a Chrome OS PC even after it reboots. Google will also pay $110,000 for other serious holes delivered by a Web page.
Plus the company is prepared to pay out “bonuses” for clever hacks, even if they aren’t as serious. Google said that it would consider larger bonuses to researchers who demonstrated a “particularly impressive or surprising exploit,” like one that could circumvent kASLR, a new variant of the better-known ASLR anti-exploit technology used by Apple, Microsoft and Chrome OS.

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