Father’s Day Special: Why Alok Nath is the ultimate father of Bollywood

Whether it is the small or big screen, the one and only ultimate actor who had played the character of a father a number of times is definitely Alok Nath. Nath recently grabbed attention as he was simply trending for his sanskaars. Alok Nath became the butt of jokes which went viral on social networking sites. But kudos to the actor! Without getting offended, he took each and every joke made on him sportingly. Today, on International father’s day, we analyse why we call Alok Nath the ultimate father!

Father’s Day Special: Why Alok Nath is the ultimate father of Bollywood

Father's Day Special: Why Alok Nath is the ultimate father of Bollywood

Debuted on small screen as babuji- We all know that Alok Nath had portrayed many roles and has played different types of fathers on the big screen. But very few might know that Alok Nath actually debuted on the small screen as ‘babuji’. Yes! you read it correct. If remembered, Alok Nath in his first TV show Rishte-Naate played none other than babuji (father) in the year 1980. We are sure Nath was not of that age where he would play a father. That was not just Nath’s debut into the small screen but we can say that it was a step into his sanskaari world.

Adoptive father- Talking about various fatherly characters, Alok Nath has played various types of father. Yes, we would like to put light on the word ‘types’ because the actor had in fact portrayed different kinds of fathers. One such examples would be playing an adoptive father. In the TV show Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, Alok Nath portrayed an adoptive father. Dr. Mathur (Nath’s character) is actually adopted by the male lead Dr. Ashutosh (played by Mohnish Behl).

Father in Uncle’s disguise- Here in the serial Sapna Babul Ka … Bidaai, Alok Nath played father to one of the female leads while he played mamaji (uncle) to another. However, he treated the two as equal. His character Prakash Chandra Sharma is protective about Sadhana, his sister’s daughter, and has brought her up as his own daughter after his sister’s death. He is a jovial person and seeks happiness in small things. His biggest concern is about the future of his daughters and his happiness lies in them as they are his pride and strength. He showers his love equally on his own daughter Ragini and niece Sadhana.

A loving father- Alok Nath played Uday Pratap Singh, the owner of Swarn Bhavan and played a man of pride in TV show Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli. His character is very stubborn and strict but at the same time he is a family man and can do anything for his family traditions. He cannot adjust with the new generation and doesn’t accept the truth of changing times. But when it comes to his daughter Abha, he can go to any extent for her happiness. He played a loving father on the show.

Proud grandfather- Alok Nath in his latest TV show Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se portrayed a grandfather. He’s a righteous old man. A widower, having lost his only son and bahu in a plane crash, he has brought up his grandchildren Jaswant and Shivani with utmost love and care. Alok Nath has come a long way in the TV industry, from playing a loving babuji to a graceful grandfather.

Apart from the above various characters of father, Alok Nath played a father’s role in shows like Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai, Piya Ka Ghar, Ghar Ek Sapna, Woh Rehne Wali Mehlo Ki, Kabhie Kabhie, Rishtey. Alok Nath is once again set to come up in a new TV show and we are sure he will play a doting father on the show. That’s not all as he has played father to those who are elder to him. So how can we forget such a personality on International Father’s Day?

(Input source: TOI)