REPORT: NFL Lawyer Strongly Believes Ezekiel Elliott Has No Chance of Winning Case To Vacate 6-Game Suspension

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys

This is surely to upset Cowboys fans even more.

Being 2-3 through five games was bad enough, but now the Dallas Cowboys have to deal with a constant on-again, off-again suspension for Ezekiel Elliott by the league that won’t go away anytime soon. Deflategate taught us that.

Speaking of Deflategate, NFL lawyer Dan Nash told Judge Paul Crotty of United States District Court for the Southern District of New York that Elliott doesn’t haven’t a chance of winning his case that would vacate his 6-game suspension.

The NFL is reportedly using the deflategate scandal case as precedent for a definitive Elliott ruling. 

“[T]hey didn’t want to be here,” Nash told Crotty on Tuesday, via Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. “They didn’t want to confront the Brady decision because they know under the Brady decision they have no chance of success on the merits, none.”

In a little over a week, Elliott will be forced to make his case again in front of Judge Katherine Fallia, who just happened to be on vacation when the Cowboys RB received his most recent temporary restraining order that is allowing him to play as of right now.

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