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Smart Products- An Introduction to IOT

IOT stands for Internet of Things. If you are hearing the term IOT for the first time in your life, then you must know that it stands for the integration of technology with the use of internet for making products that we can use regularly. The term IOT was coined by researchers a long time ago, but it came in to the public view recently, when there was an uproar about smart products. While some scientists and researchers claims that, IOT will completely change the paradigm of Internet over the next 50 years, some claim that it is not more than a hype.

Now, what we really mean by IOT or Internet of Technology is the general ability of a device which is connected to the internet, to sense the data and then upload the data to the connected Internet, and send it somewhere, where it can be processes or analyzed to produce an end result. The collection of data is done by sensing it from the environment around the device. Now, let us see the aspects of IOT and how can we as normal people, can use IOT in our daily lives.

Smart Connections

When we talk about connections, there is another perspective from which we can see or perceive IOT. It can also be defined as something which bridges the gap between machine, data and people and integrates in to one place. It also eases the communication or the interaction between a machine and a person, and also improvises on the interaction between two machines.

Smart Products

Talking about IOT, we should now focus on the much broader perspective and the actually importance of Internet of Things. These connected products which are made with the knowledge of IOT, would improve human life, and will also help in building a smart and a better-connected world. These smart products are made of three main parts, and they are,

  • Physical Elements to be sensed.
  • Smart Technology which includes sensors and micro-processors.
  • Internet connectivity to send and receive data through cloud.

Uses of Smart Products

  • One of the primary uses of a smart product is to monitor something. For instance, if there is a smart product which sets the room temperature according to what the temperature outside is. Therefore, the product needs to be kept outside the house, which will sense the temperature outside, and will upload it on the Internet, which you can access through the internet, through any smart device like laptop or smartphone.
  • Along with monitoring a device, it is also essential that the person who owns the product should also be able to monitor it. Smart Products are made with sensors which can be controlled by remote sitting from a distance. Controlling the device will help to dynamically configure the device when we want a setting change.
  • Smart Products can also be optimized and fine-tuned according to the wish of the owner. Since, it is connected to the internet, software upgradation would be automatic and remote diagnostic care can be run anytime.
  • Today, researches have made a lot of progress in the field of Artificial Intelligence. AI can also be implemented in these IOT based smart products to make them intelligent enough, so that they can be automated.
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