Poll: 42% of NFL Players Say They Would NOT Want Jay Cutler As Their Teammate

Jay Cutler

After his tenure with the Chicago Bears ended, it seemed like Jay Cutler’s career was over. Then, the Miami Dolphins suffered a huge blow at QB and the head coach enlisted the help of Cutler who was on his way to a broadcasting job.

It took his wife to convince him to take the $10 million and play, so he did it.

For reasons such as that and his demeanor on the field, players around the league would not want to play on a team that has him under center. Actually, a bunch of them wouldn’t.

ESPN recently ran a poll and 42 percent said he was the one NFL quarterback they would not want as a teammate. No one else received more than 6 percent of the vote.

“I’m not even sure he wants to play,” one player said of the current Dolphins quarterback.