Noted Assamese folk singer Khagen Mahanta passes away at 72

Guwahati, 12 June-2014(Indilens Web Team): Noted Assamese folk singer Khagen Mahanta passes away at 72 in his own residence after long duration illness. There is no doubt that Khagen Mahanta is an exponent in folk and traditional music of Assam and he is known as the “King of Bihu”. His Bihu songs, Borgeet and other folk songs are ever green to the Assamese society. The artist along with his wife Archana Mahanta and son Angaraag Mahanta represent one of the most influential families in Assamese music.

Noted Assamese folk singer Khagen Mahanta passes away at 72

Noted Assamese folk singer Khagen Mahanta passes away at 72

Khagen Mahanta was born in 1942 to Harendra Nath Mahanta and Laxmipriya Deviin in Nagaon Assam . He showed his musical talent from his childhood. At the age of only fifteen he started performing in the music concerts in Shillong. He voice was very much accepted by the audience.

During the “language movement” in 1960, Khagen Mahanta got actively involved in it under the leadership of personalities like Bishnuprasad Rabha, Hemanga Biswas, Jugal Das. He was member of the group called “Harmony” and popularized human values with his melodious voice and compositions. In 1961 his first gramophone recorded song was broadcast from Guwahati All India radio center. He also participated in the “World Peace” festival in Calcutta. He was recognized as A grade artist in All India Radio and contributed in almost all genres of Assamese music like Lokageet, Okoni Geet, musicals, dramas.

He is married to Archana Mahanta, also an Assamese folk singer. They performed together on many occasions popularising Assamese folk music and earning a name as the most popular duet singer. Their son Angaraag Mahanta is also a singer like his parents and popular in genre of modern Assamese music who lives in Mumbai. He has two grandchildren, Puhor and Parijaat.

Chief minister, Assam and all state fall in sad after hearing his death news and we are getting condolence press releases very large numbers.

Khagen Mahanta has been felicitated numerous times nationally, internationally for his contributions. He was also awarded Sangeet Natak Academy award for folk and traditional music in 1992. Some of great genre of Khagen Mahanta and Archana Mahanta

A. Choosen by Main Uddin

1. “Aai O Shipini (Artists: Khagen Mahanta & Archana Mahanta)”
2. “Bahor Murha Bogorir Gura (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
3. “Banhor Kathito Loi (Artist: Archana Mahanta)”
4. “Boror Paat Lorise (Artist: Archana Mahanta)”
5. “Boroshunor Botorot (Artist: Khagen Mahanta; Music/Lyrics: Rudra Barua)”
6. “Bhal Lagi Jai O (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
7. “Bhore Duporiya (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
8. “Bohagor Kunhipaat (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
9. “Bor Ghoror Mekuri (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
10. “Deha Kola Hole (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
11. “O’ Dehjaan (Artists: Khagen Mahanta & Archana Mahanta)”
12. “Dukhor Raati (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
13. “Duniya Amar Mastana (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
14. “Ejar Phula Dekhi (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
15. “Ekhon Deshot Ek Roja Achil (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
16. “Girip Garap (Artist: Archana Mahanta & Others)”
17. “Gamochare Acholote (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
18. “Ka Ka Ka Ka Kawoi Tilika”
19. “Iyat Gabhoru Achene”

B. Choosen by Shazida Khatun:

1. “hai oi jan. khagen archana mahanta”
2. “Iman Morom Iman Sopon (Artists: Khagen Mahanta & Archana Mahanta)”
3. “Jaai O Kanu Baa Benu (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
4. “Jee Hol (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
5. “Jonti Olale Torati Olabo (Artists: Khagen Mahanta & Archana Mahanta)”
6. “Jowaratir Megh Chopora (Artist: Archana Mahanta)”
7. “Kauri Pore (Artist: Khagen Mahanta; Music: Rudra Barua)”
8. “komolkoi bahore oi”
9. “Mor Mon Potharor Halodhiya (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
10. “Monomoti Hera Baai (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
11. “Nila Nodir Nila Rong (Artist: Archana Mahanta; Music: Jiten Dev)”
12. “O’ Dukhiya Mon Mora (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
13. “Paharar Juriti (Artists: Khagen Mahanta & Archana Mahanta)”
14. “Rib Ribkoi (Artists: Khagen Mahanta & Archana Mahanta)”
15. “Shaliki O’ (Artist: Archana Mahanta)”
16. “Seuji Kanon (Astits: Archana Mahanta & Others)”
17. “Sonore Gorhalo (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
18. “Sorukoi Bokul Phool (Artist: Archana Mahanta)”
19. “Sumolar Jiyekok (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
20. “Tai Ketiyaba Mon Gole (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
21. “Tejore Komolapoti (Artist: Khagen Mahanta)”
22. “Tumi Heno Karuna Sagor (Artist: Archana Mahanta)”
23. “Ujuti Ujuti (Artist: Khagen Mahanta & Archana Mahanta

Indilens News Team offer tribute to the great artist and condolence with the mourned family members. 

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    a great loss for music lovers of Assam . he is really a well known singer of Assamese music industry,he sang most numbers of folk songs and Assamese modern songs. He is also called as bihu samrat of assam.He performs very beautiful Assamese numbers with wife Archana Mahanta on stage .An era of music will stop forever.may his soul rest in peace.we pay homage to his departed soul.