Simran box office collection day 7: Kangana Ranaut’s film is steady, earns Rs 15.48 crore in the first week

News flash! Kangana Ranaut‘s Simran is still running at the theatres. If you think the film has already crashed, this will help you realise that there are people who are still choosing this film for their movie outings. You can also credit that to the lack of better films at the theatre to choose from and Kangana’s film is earning from it. The film somehow managed to complete a week at the box office by earning Rs 15.48 crore.

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Simran is a story of a Gujarati housekeeping woman in the US whose ambitions get the better off her when she gets involved in the world of crime. Apart from Kangana Ranaut, the critics didn’t find anything great about the film. It is difficult to believe that the film has been directed by Hansal Mehta who had helmed Shahid, a gem of Indian Cinema. Guess all the talks about Kangana interfering with the script must have failed the film terribly. Check out the latest figures of the film right here…

But if you check out the numbers, Simran has managed to be consistent at the box office since it saw a massive dip on Monday. It has been persistent at the box office which helped the film stay put at the theatres for long. And we have feeling it’s all because of Kangana Ranaut. Irrespective of the many controversies she gets embroiled in, she is a fab actress….something even her detractors will agree. Simran is definitely earning from it.