Lipoma, why you must know what it is?

Indilens Web Team: A lipoma refers to a benign growth of fat cells, just beneath the skin layer. The formation of the capsule is usually incorrectly diagnosed as cancer, but nothing could be farther from the truth—lipomas are not cancer, and do not turn into a malicious tumour. The tumour can occur anywhere on the body, but is most usually found on the torso, armpits, neck and upper thighs. Some people are even affected by more than one lipoma at a time. Actually, lipomas constitute the most common non-cancerous tumorous growth on the human body.

 The most common treatment for lipoma prescribed by doctors is excision, if it refuses to go away. This process is called lipoma removal or excision of lipoma, and is not to be confused by cosmetic liposuction. The reason as to why lipomas occur has not been found yet, but it is believed that the tendency to get lipomas is inherited. The removal of this tumour is a simple process and painless too. However, you must make sure to get the best facilities available for the surgery; you can get all details online, including lipoma surgery cost in Bangalore.

Treatment of lipomas is not usually carried out, since they are benign. However, if the tumour becomes painful, infected or restricts movement, it has to be removed. Another major reason for removal of lipomas is that they grow in places which are easily noticeable. The process of a lipoma surgery does not take too long, though; it usually takes only a few minutes, but this depends upon the complexity of the growth, if the doctor suggests you undergo the procedure, you can now book surgery packages online.

Excision of lipoma is done after the doctor confirms that the growth is non-cancerous. The process involves the surgeon applying local anaesthesia around the growth, and removing the growth via a simple incision. After the tumour is removed, the incision is closed using stitches or sutures. Recurrence of lipomas is very rare, and happens in less than two per cent of the cases. The process might also be conducted under general anaesthesia, if the lipoma cannot be reached with a simple incision. Larger lipomas are more difficult to remove, though—multiple incisions are required. The surgeon pulls on the skin flap cut out, and then carefully cuts out the lipoma from the adjacent tissue. The resultant cavity under the skin is closed using an adsorbable suture material, which need not be removed at a later date. The surface of the skin flap is then sewn, or closed using non-adsorbable sutures which are later removed.

As mentioned, the tendency to be affected by lipomas is not uncommon; the causes for the growth are unknown. They can occur in all age groups, but most commonly occur among the middle aged. The tendency to get single lipomas is spread evenly across men and women, but multiple lipomas are commonly seen in men.


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