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How to Make Videos for Instagram That Get More Engagement

The pictures sharing social media platform, Instagram, has progressed so well in the past few years, and as of today, it has millions of users from all around the world. Instagram is a great platform to reach out to the audience and communicate with them. The visuals based platform has proven to be an excellent tool for social media marketing and has attracted customers for many businesses just through pictures and videos. Instagram videos can be very handy in improving your Instagram engagement. Here below are few tips that will help you make videos that will get you more engagement.

1. Watch out your video’s length

Not long ago Instagram was a platform which allowed its users, to share video only with a max timing of 15 sec and it did not help much. But recently the max timing for Instagram video has been increased to 60 secs which means you have more than enough time to make your video. Now you do not need to make a 60 seconds video, what you have to do is stick to the point in your video and make it only as long as your message is. Most Instagram videos with the highest engagement are not more than 30-35 second. So keep in mind that time is of an essence.

2. Use captions that speak to the audience

While posting a video on Instagram, you need to add a good caption on it to make sure that you are directed to your audience. If you do not add a caption to video, it’s not going to attract more users. So make sure that you add a caption that speaks to the audience and has a call to action. A poorly written caption causes a communication barrier and does not do too well likewise a well-written caption can improve your engagement significantly.

3. Add an on-screen caption

You might have noticed this on many social media networks that people are adding on screen captions in their videos. On screen, captions are a great way of grabbing user’s attention. Even big news channels like BBC and Fox are using this trick to gain followers on Instagram fast. So, if you want to engage more you can try this trick if the caption involves the topic of interest for your audience, then the attention is captured easily.

4. Correct video shape

Instagram videos are a visual presentation of your business and if you are looking to present it perfectly then even the smallest things like the shape of video matters. While making your Instagram video make sure you are shooting a square video and not a rectangle one. The videos recorded in a square shape are watched more than the video recorded in the landscape. So this little correction can also help you improve your video engagement on Instagram.

All these tips are pretty simple and can be applied easily. These tips also indicate that Instagram videos get more engagement than any other platform. So, if you want to improve your Instagram engagement share more videos that are made following these tips.