John Cena is worried the new iPhone X won’t see him

It’s a very real concern if you’re invisible.

Apple announced the new iPhone X on Tuesday and one customer is very concerned about whether the phone’s new “Face ID” will work for him.

The iPhone X will allow the phone to be unlocked by a facial recognition scan, moving away from the fingerprint scanning “Touch ID” on previous iPhones. This is an amazing feature for a lot of people who want more security and ease of use, but for Cena, a man who is invisible, it could be problematic.

We can rewind a bit here, in case you’re lost. Cena’s long-time catch phrase in WWE has been “You can’t see me,” which has since morphed into a meme centered on the idea that Cena is invisible, because after all — nobody can see him.

A lot of people on Twitter laughed at Cena’s joke, but the fine folks at “WikiHow” wanted to hook him up with a suggestion.

Hopefully this helps the world’s most recognizable invisible person.