NFL picks 2017, Week 2: Experts expect Cowboys and Raiders to keep rolling

SB Nation’s all-star panel also sees a rebound for the Patriots and Seahawks this week.

Our panel found a consensus last week: the Jets and the Colts are not well regarded. Okay, so you probably didn’t need eight football experts and a computer to tell you that.

Neither one of those teams is getting much love from our panel this week, either. Nobody, wisely, is picking the Jets to win at Oakland this Sunday, and there’s only one pick for the Colts to beat the Cardinals in Indianapolis.

Let’s flip that around, looking at the teams that do still look like the top of the heap in the NFL. The Patriots disappointed all but one picker last week, but none of the humans represented here think Tom Brady and Co. will struggle against the same Saints pass defense that made Sam Bradford look like, well, Tom Brady.

Seattle, despite a woeful performance by a woeful offensive line, is looking like a lock this week hosting the 49ers. Remember when that rivalry meant can’t-miss games? Maybe it will again … in like five years.

Nobody believes that the Bills can steal one from the Panthers in Carolina’s home opener. It’s hard to argue with that.

Green Bay’s defense looked better than it has in a long time last week against the Seahawks. Is that going to be enough to stop the Falcons on Sunday night this week? The panel doesn’t seem to think so. I would urge a little caution on this one because Week 1 is so hard to read. Are the Falcons legitimately having a problem with the transition to a new offensive coordinator or was that just a hiccup to start the season?

Last week’s results

We have a three-way tie for the lead right now. Stephen, Jeanna, and Harry all picked 10 out of 15 games correctly. Geoff is right behind them with nine. Last week’s guest, Brandon Lee Gowton from Bleeding Green Nation, also picked nine games correctly.

This week’s guest

Please welcome Dave Choate from The Falcoholic, our Falcons site. He has graciously agreed to subject himself to letting the world see his picks for this week’s games. He also picked the Falcons to win this week, probably smart.

Here are this week’s picks. Remember, we let our panelists change two picks, if they want, on Friday so that we get the chance to adjust based on injuries, etc.