Mother and daughter throat cut at city residence

Kolkata, 27 January, Rimo Bose: A retired bank employee’s wife and daughter were found in a cut throat situation, in their residence at Dum Dum. The slitting throat condition implies burglary in the residence.

Housewife, Namita Gunin, was aged 46 and her daughter was 20 years old student of class 12 were lying in the bedstead that’s when Soumendranath came face to face wobbling with this situation near about 8:30 pm late evening.


Subhashnagar- Dum Dum

The name of the Apartment is Torsha and the family resides in the third floor. The exact location is specified as Subhasnagar of Dum Dum cantonment railway. Further probe into the incident has shown that Sreyoshi was assaulted and her hand hands and feet were leashed with tape. And the wounds around her neck are visible along with the stabbing marks on her bosom.

The police even notified that the apartment was lacking security guards and even CCTV and gates are hence open for all.

Deputy commissioner Debashish Bej has confirmed to look at all the dimensions of the case. Lastly, the case has thrown light upon the safety of people at home.