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Top 10 Male and Female Lies on Internet

Online dating appeared as the perfect solution to finding our perfect match in our time-consuming age. Let’s be honest, most of us hardly find enough time to establish relationship via going on dates. To understand whether you like a person or not in offline world may take you pretty much from two to five dates.

For most of us it is an enormous amount of time that we could spend…well, sleeping, because all the other time is eaten up either by our job or by our education. So, it is way better to go on date with someone with whom you have 95% of probability to build something serious.

That’s happens via online dating, where you spend enough time chatting to figure out whether you like it or not. The only problem with online dating is that people just cannot be honest. Well, not all of them, but some cannot help themselves lying and exaggerating facts about themselves.

According to https://romancecompass.com/video-and-text-dating-site-online/ here is the top ten lies by men and women in online dating.


Top 10 Male Lies

1. Job

Most men online lie about their job, so don’t be surprised when your FBI agent turns out to be a mere sales manager in some start-up project.

2. Height

While it may sound funny and ridiculous, a lot of men lie that they are taller than they actually are. Of course the truth is exposed on the first date.

3. Weight

Well, yeah, a lot of men try to ‘lose’ some pounds when they are chatting. Once again, the truth is disclosed on the first date.

4. Body type

Of course each and every man online has an athletic type of body. Unfortunately, only few of them have it offline.

5. Money

Most of them are billionaires online, but offline…

6. Job Position

Yes, work is the favourite topic to lie about. He is CEO online, but may turn out to have way less important job position.

7. Interesting Profession

Well, yeah, again. Check out the first point… and we are going to return to it later.

8. Knows Celebrities

Of course he is Kanye West’s best pall, and Jared Leto was his class-mate.

9. Having Employees and Assistants

Once again… When he tells you how cold he is with his employees, mind that he may be telling you about his boss’ attitude to him.

10. Film Industry

Back to work again. Of course he is a producer of that film or a screenwriter of that one… He is sure that you dumb enough to not check Wikipedia or IMBD.

Top 10 Female Lies


1. Age

Of course she is only 25… check her idea, ’cause she maybe 35.

2. Weight

Yep, just as men, women have few pounds less online than offline.

3. Body Type

Of course they all are slim online, offline they may turn out as slim as Britney Spears during her depression issues.

4. Height

Just as men, they are all taller online than offline.

5. Money

Just as men, they are quite rich. So, you can already figure out that any restaurant won’t do. Only those restaurants.

6. Popularity

Yep man, stand in the line. You are not the first one to take her out for the date. See those twenty guys standing after you? You need to work real hard to win this race.

7. Glamourous Profession

Of course she is into fashion. She is either a model or a designer…

8. Knows Celebrities

Ever wanted to know something about Madonna or Taylor Swift? Well, ask her, because she it their best friend.

9. She’s The Boss

You think that you were the one who has thousands of employees and assistants? Well, you can compete who has more of them.

10. Works In Entertainment

Well, looks like you can be a great couple. You are a producer and she’s Ariana Grande’s manager. Guess you will work out just fine.