Akou Edin- the first ever play on AMNESIA in mobile theatre

Guwahati, 2 June-2014, RajDweep: ‘Akou Edin’ is an Assamese play going to be staged in Hengool Theatre 2014-15 season. From the playwright to the director to music director, a new team has worked behind this play. Rajdweep has written this play, while Sankalpajit Hazarika will be directing this and Nilotpal Bora is the music director.

Akou Edin- the first ever play on AMNESIA in mobile theatre

Akou Edin- the first ever play on AMNESIA in mobile theatre

The Plot & theme:

The most attractive thing about the play is ‘AMNESIA’. Amnesia is a disease on ‘Short Term Memory Loss’. When we speak about Amnesia or Short Term Memory Loss, the most common thing that comes to our mind is Aamir Khan Starrer Bollywood movie ‘Ghajini’. But it’s not the only movie that based on this mental disorder. There are Films like 50 first dates, Momento , Winter Sleppers, The Lookout which had been made in Hollywood.


But it’s for the FIRST TIME on Mobile theatre stage of Assam; a play on Amnesia is going to be staged.

Akou Edin- the first ever play on AMNESIA in mobile theatre


Imagine what would be the situation, if a boy who suffering from this disorder, falls in love with a girl. How he will remember the girl, how the girl will react when she will come to know about his disorder? In this play, a boy named Raktim is suffering from Amnesia and starts every new day with a new life. He falls in love with a girl named Pahi and used to follow her. But what will happen to their love story. Akou Edin will explore this heart-touching love story.

Cast n Crew:

Casts: Popular Actors Akshdeep & Angoorlota will be in lead. Other actors include Beepul Bora, Jiban Hatikakoti, Alokjyoti Saikia, Mitu Kashyap, Nirmali Nilam, Dibyajyoti Das, Barnali Barua, Dhrubajyoti Das, Dhrubajyoti Dhekial Phukan, Suman Choudhury, Ranjit Barman, child artist Pari.

Written By: Rajdweep

Director: Sankalpajit Hazarika

Music: Nilotpal Bora

Action: Pradhan Deori

Art Director: Guluk Saha

Secretaries: Jatin Rava, Jayanta Bora, Ranjit Barman

Production design: Pankaj Hazarika

A new team aimed for some change:

The team behind this play is completely new. Journalist, Lyricist Rajdweep, for the first time, has penned a full length play in mobile theatre, while the producer of Hengool Theatre and small screen director Sankalpajit Hazarika is debuting as a play director. Music Nilotpal Bora is too new for mobile theatre. This new team aimed to bring some changes in the traditional plays in theatre.

About the Playwright, Rajdweep:

After being Masters in Economics and Journalisms as well, Ex-cottonian Rajdweep had started his career in journalism and later he successfully tried his hands in song-writing. Till date, he has so many popular songs in his credit including superhit song Pokhi Pokhi Mon Mur, Bixakto Suma, Kinu Jadu Aji, etc. By this new avatar as playwright, Rajdweep is very optimistic for ‘Akou Edin’.