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Water resources department to protect Patna from flood

Patna, 1 June-2014, TNN: The state water resources department (WRD) is executing three anti-erosion projects to protect Patna and its citizenry from the flood threat, but the warning of Lord Buddha about the three irredeemable dangers to Patna, including from flood, still persists.

Water resources department  to protect Patna from flood

Water resources department  to protect Patna from flood

In fact, the WRD is strengthening the slope and bank of the Ganga to protect Patna Town Protection (PTP) wall, constructed in 1976, so that any flood threat to the city from either Sone or the Ganga is foiled.

A major project for the purpose is under implementation over a stretch of 1,120 metres (1.12km), from Nasiriganj (Ramjichak) Ghat to Digha Nahar, since February 25 this year. “The work is near completion. The main aim is to protect the PTP wall that, in turn, would insulate Patna from floods,” said WRD executive engineer Lakshman Jha. The project entails an expenditure of around Rs 6 crore.

Two other works of similar nature are under implementation at Maner to protect Patna from Sone floodwaters and Panapur village in Saran (Chhapra) district from the Ganga. However, the works taken up at Maner as well as between Nasiriganj and Digha have direct bearing on Patna.

“A part of the Ganga had been lashing at its bank along Patna causing erosion. The other part is threatening Panapur village. The new anti-erosion works would keep the water flowing along the mainstream,” Jha added.

Floodwaters from the Sone and the Ganga had deluged Patna in August 1975. By 1976, the then Congress government constructed a brick and cement ring bund along the Ganga bank, called PTP wall. Three decades later, both the rivers have been threatening PTP wall, forcing the WRD intervention.

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