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Naihati to Sealdah Railway Disrupted by Jute mill workers

Kolkata, January 27, Rimo Bose: The Naihati to Sealdah train services were rattled because of the obstruction caused by a group of discontented jute mill workers. This caused a lot of disruption in train timing as well as for the commuters.

Naihati to Sealdah Railway Disrupted by Jute mill workers

Naihati Railway Station
Naihati Railway Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The barricade at the railway station took place near about 8:20am. This time span caused a lot of disturbance and haste for the office goers. The majorly affected trains were employed for the suburban areas, Naihati, kalyani, Ranaghat. The agitated workers were protesting for the curtailment on their wage and even for the delayed salary services. The rage went so far that they had to call out a blockade leading to the irregularities in train services. Finally, the moat of the workers was forced to withdrawn by the intervention of the railway authority and police.

This roadblock caused problems and nuisance for more than thousand passengers. To confront this blockage a crowd started protesting at the sodepur station near about 10:15am in the morning, that went on till the noon time. This resulted in the calling off of many EMU local trains after 8am.

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