Manipur entrepreneurs tap potential of agro industries

Imphal, 30 May-2014(ANI): Manipur provides a suitable platform for agro industries and an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to tap this potential.

Thangjam Joykumar Singh, a dynamic young entrepreneur, who runs a food and beverage production unit, has generated job opportunities for many.

Manipur entrepreneurs tap potential of agro industries

Manipur entrepreneurs tap potential of agro industries

Fifty four-year-old Thangjam ventured into agro industries by setting up a small food processing unit in Imphal East three years ago. He manufactures different foods and beverage items under the brand name ‘Likla’, which literally means ‘dew drops’.

The unit is a source of employment for local youth, as it employs around 200 local youth.

Thangjam has received many awards, including the prestigious Governor’s Trophy for best entrepreneur in 2011. Already supplying products to over 1,000 retailers in Manipur, he is now dreaming of expanding the market to other states.

“I feel happy to employ many boys and girls in my factory. I feel happy that they work happily here. And now, after thinking of supporting the state economy and supporting the family of those employees working in my industry, I am thinking to diverse the industry dreaming to expand his business as well as to increase more employment opportunity,” Thangjam said.

The unit manufactures beverage items like orange, lemon, pineapple and passion fruit squash.

The company also deals in packaged drinking water under the same brand name. The workers are happy to get better job opportunities.

“If more such industries come up, then it will end the era of unemployment and youths will get employed. I am sure that it will end all kinds of illegal activities like extortions, etc. in the state. Due to lack of employment, youth in the state have chosen to take extreme steps like joining underground outfits. With the setting up of more industries, many problems, including insurgency would be solved,” said Iboyaima Singh, staff supervisor, Thangjam Agro Industry.

” I feel happy and privileged to work here. We are illiterate, but get an opportunity to work in the factory. I am grateful. The factory has provided jobs to both educated and uneducated people and we feel privileged,” added Meratombi Devi, a worker

Achievements of young entrepreneurs like Thangjam Joykumar will inspire many educated unemployed youth in the region to explore new innovative ideas and become self-reliant. (ANI)