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Najuma Heptullh’s statement outbursts from a depressed mind that lost hopes

New Delhi,30 May-2014,Shamsudeen Abdulrahim: Najuma Heptullh’s statement that “Mulsims are not Minorities “is a OUTBURSTS FROM A DEPRESSED MIND that LOST HOPES! The lonely member in union cabinet who has served as an MP since last 34 years in upper house of parliament bearing higher quality of education But Some one please indicate me , what are the tasks she has done for the community as well as whole Indians except showing her cast card and successor of a big freedom fighter ?

Najuma Heptullh’s statement outbursts from a depressed mind that lost hopes

Najuma Heptullh’s statement outbursts from a depressed mind that lost hopes

Najuma Heptullha was attracted to BJP from the time of Shri.Vajpayee and it seems she was very much influenced by BJP’s expressed ideology that “Appeasement of None-Equal Treatment of All”which means BJP if comes to Power will treat Hindus and Muslims alike and both will have opportunities equally.

Congress was showing they are appeasing Muslims and they were giving positions and posts to those Muslim persons having no idea of politics, country and resources. They were just kept as show cases and used for suppressing Muslims and also achieving political mileage and we are seeing many faces now coming before the media who were all sleeping all these years.

BJP openly tell no appeasement or difference between citizens but give or treat the Hindus or majority person with all chances and neglect Muslims and they practice unwritten systems with vengeance and Muslims becomes great sufferers. In both cases Muslims borne India have no scope and they have to face depression and disillusionment, however sincere they are ,they have no scope and they face the severe Human Right Violations. Today their ignorance, emotions without patience and the misguiding by Moulanas and many religious heads is cleverly used by BJP or other people to keep Muslims away and take away their natural rights.

Here Najuma Heptullha was having great hope being a Senior Leader and Politician but when Narendra Modi allotted portfolio’s to Ministers, the senior Leader was given the “Minority Affairs Ministry” only and all other important ministries in the regular streams were given to majority community.BJP has shown clearly the Divisions and Najuma Heptullha have no bargaining point and in the present situation ,the scope of Bargaining or requesting have no option due to the majority Modi enjoys. You can also note that Shanawaz Hussain since he could not win the MP seat, he was not considered and Mukthar Abbas Naqvi was not given any chance ,whereas defeated candidates and candidates who never become Rajaya Sabha or Lokh Sabaha MP’s also was given chances in the Ministry formation by Narendra Modi.

Naturally a perturbed and depressed Najuma Heptullha expresses her feelings in the form of an outburst without thinking the facts that “Muslims are not Minoritiies” and as per my view she was expressing her feelings to BJP Leadership that “the appeasement for majority Community is now practiced and Muslims are not considered for any mainstream programs of India and Muslim Minorities will have to continues as “Subjugated Citizens “even after the BJP ascendency to throne Of Power.”.
People should read between line and do good to the Nation.

Editor’s Note: Shamsudeen Abdulrahim is a senior columnist and social worker. Views are his personal which doesn’t reflects the notions of publication house.