Recently Shifted to Delhi? Here’s How to Take Good Care of Your Family’s Health

Indilens Health Desk: Whether it was the recent promotion that made you shift to Delhi or the future of your kids, we are sure you must have chosen one of the best localities like Dwarka as your new home in this city. Popular for its diverse culture, food, and historical connection, this city will become your favourite in no time. However, there are many things that you need to be aware of to take good care of your family, health-wise. You must be aware of surging pollution level in the city and the prominent causes behind it. Thus, it becomes imperative for you to know how to give your family a healthy life amidst the chronic diseases arising out of the rise in pollution. To your rescue, here we have listed a few short and long-term solutions that can keep diseases filtered out from your life.

Buy Pollution Masks

November 2016 saw a tremendous impact of pollution ruling the skyline of the city. A few days after Diwali, the air had a complex mix of smoke and fog that was causing difficulty to breathe in people of all ages. To be precise, the air was 3 times over the hazardous limit. Well, we are not stating all this to scare you, but to keep you aware of the situation. An easy solution to this is to buy pollution masks that can quickly filter out dangerous air-borne particles. N99 or N95 masks are the best when it comes to choosing pollution masks. So, make sure every family memberhas a mask of their own and acquires a habit of wearing them whenever stepping out of the house. There are many hospitals in Dwarka, New Delhi that can help you find the right pollution mask for your family.

Look for a Reputed Hospital

No matter which city you are living in, it’s always a good ideatohave quick access to contact details of the hospitals available nearby. Doing this, you can quickly make a call to any of the top hospitals like Aakash Healthcare for quick support whenever the need arises. Also, if someone in your family has a medical history, choose the best doctor available in the city to continue the treatment in Delhi. Look for a super specialty hospital in Dwarkathat can cater to the problem well and has an advanced panel of doctors available all the time.

Buy a Vegetable Purifier

Though there are many perks of living in a metro city, we cannot ignore talking about the disadvantages, especially when discussing health. It is a well-known fact that vegetables go through various beautification processes to look the way consumers want them to look. Vegetables these days are layered with pesticides and harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the health, especially the young ones. So, to be 100% sure about the health of your family, invest in a branded vegetable purifier that is effective enough to remove insecticides, pesticides, and chemicals from vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Check Everything from Time to Time

Doctors always insist on the fact that keeping a time to time check on your health can help you lead a healthy life. So, make sure you plan a visit to the nearest hospital at least twice a year and get some necessary tests done. Because you are residing in Dwarka, consider visiting any of the top hospitals in west Delhi for trusted results. Doing this you will never have a fear of anything going wrong with your family’s health, and you will easily be able to take measures at the right time.

However, these are only some of the ways that can make your life healthier and better in more than one way. No matter where you wish to start from, they will allow you to take a step towards the betterment of your family and its health. Also, you will start feeling the results immediately. So, make sure you always have an upper hand in case something comes down the way and affects your family’s health.