156 Children Sent Back To Mukkam Muslim Orphanage

Kozhikode, 29 May-2014, JABIR MUSHTHARI: All the 156 children (68 girls and 88 boys) who were handed over to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) by the Palakkad district authorities after detaining them at the Palakkad railway station on Saturday were sent back to the Mukkam Muslim Orphanage (MMO) on Tuesday night after verifying their identity.

156 Children Sent Back To Mukkam Muslim Orphanage

156 Children Sent Back To Mukkam Muslim Orphanage

Committee chairperson Sreela Menon said all the children were found to be students of the Mukkam Muslim Orphanage Higher Secondary School.

“All of them will be temporarily released and handed over to the orphanage authorities as they were found to be students there,” said Ms. Menon. She, however, maintained that their release will be “absolute” only after the formal completion of the procedure.

Ms. Menon, who maintained that as many as12 students in the group did not have “destitute certificate,” said they would also however be sent to the orphanage along with the rest as they had all the other required documents to prove their identity.

“We have kept the best interest and safety of the students while taking a decision through the verification process,” said Ms. Menon.

In the meanwhile, authorities of the MMO are going ahead with their plans to bring back the rest of the children, who were detained and handed over to the Child Care Home in Palakkad on Saturday, by producing the required documents to the authorities.

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V. Muhammadmon Haji, vice-president of the orphanage committee, said the Palakkad district authorities had decided to hand over rest of the children too to the Child Welfare Committee in Kozhikode.

“They are expected to reach Kozhikode on Wednesday,” said the Haji. He said the orphanage authorities had already sent all required documents and identity proof to the authorities in Palakkad on Monday itself.

Blaming the authorities for “the confusion and trauma” caused to the children, the Haji said the authorities could have sent the entire children directly to the orphanage at Mukkam and verified their identity then and there, instead of traumatising the children denying them food and rest in inhospitable circumstances.

“We have all the required documents of the children with us,” said the vice-president of the orphanage committee.

(Input source: The Hindu)