An aggrandize of distance education in India

Indilens Education Team: Today’s fast paced world. No one wants to breathe. No one wants to live and everyone wants to earn big bucks and move up the corporate ladder. A decade back a Bachelors degree was enough to get you a high paying job and some lucky chaps even made it through with a mere intermediate certificate.

An aggrandize of distance education in India

Gone are those days and every time you breathe out an apprentice in his 20s graduates. With colleges across the country blooming like mushrooms, the number of bachelors has gone high, so high that it has disturbed the demand supply chain. With 700 universities and more than 35,000 affiliated colleges enrolling more than 20 million students, Indian higher education is a large and complex system. With so many colleges blooming up the hiring companies are finding it hard to pick the best. Every company wants to hire the best to give their clients the best. So a mere bachelor’s degree isn’t going to land you up anywhere. Higher is the education and qualification, the more likely will companies throw their fishing net at you. And then comes the fork… should I quit my paying job, my bread and butter and take a loan, mortgage my parent’s collateral and pay for my MBA Program?

To deal with that, the top distance MBA colleges in India have come up with distance learning programs. So now you have a job, your piggy bank is getting filled up every month and most importantly you are getting an MBA degree also. So it’s a win-win situation. And getting your degree from these top distance MBA colleges in India makes sure your degree has high value and weightage, as we know everyone wants the best.

 And with so many business schools coming up each year, and these colleges having their own entrance examination such as CATJMET, XAT, NMAT to filter out candidates, it’s a mounting pressure on the aspiring candidates who hardly have the time to prepare and give the exams and apart from that, it’s an unnecessary financial expenditure on their behalf.

The CMAT 2018 lightens this massive weight pounding on the candidates, by having a common entrance test for entry into most B-Schools in the country. The CMAT 2018 paper consists of 4 sections namely: Quantitative, Logical, English Comprehension and GK. This is a relief for aspirants who are currently working as they hardly have the time to prepare for these entrance examination and no one wants to guzzle up their limited yearly leaves. This is a great initiative taken up by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Though a full time MBA program is highly recommended and holds a higher value than a distance MBA program, a distance learning curriculum from the top distance MBA colleges in India would suffice for aspirants who do not want to take a break a break from their corporate life. Full time MBA program seekers can take the CMAT 2018 and apply to colleges based on their percentiles.