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Debunking Common Document Management Myths

Ever wondered what held you business from switching to electronic documents? Was it the plethora of myths and misconceptions associated with document management that kept you from it?

It is essential you make an informed decision, and thus you must know the myths from the facts related to document management.

Myth 1: The Expenditure linked to Document Management is High

Most businesses, small or large have been constantly heading towards cutting costs, or at least not incurring extra expenditure on what they already have in functioning condition. Practically so, the myth that document management system will require a lot of added expenditure without adding to the business keeps the owners away from electronic documents. However, much opposed to this common misconception, a data management system would actually help the business save on the time, resources and money in the long run. Hasn’t every business ever faced the problem of mis-filed or misplaced papers that not only increases the workload but also takes a lot of the employee’s time in searching, organizing and recreating. Often, this time could add up to a third of the working hours. Doesn’t that imply lost productivity and money? However, with a data management system looking for the document would be a minute’s work at just a click. The employees can thus focus more extensively on mission-critical tasks than spend time on document processing.

Myth 2: It is impossible to sustain the Business on a paperless model

A lot of legal, medical or other businesses have relied so long on the paper documents that they often come around to believe that their dependency on paper files and records can never be reduced. These businesses often have so much paper pile up, that they refuse to tackle the problem in a simpler manner as they do not see a successful possibility in changing their documentation method. While eliminating paper right away from the business may not be a practical and workable target, to reduce dependency on paper and relying on a document management system may accommodate an improved workflow.

Myth 3: Paper is more secure and reliable

Having worked with paper so long, the tangibility of the medium may lead to the opinion that it a stable and secure way to work around documents. What we do not understand is that a paper file may be inaccessible to all people at all times. It may be with a colleague when you need it. Moreover, a document you are dependent on might not be filed right and will lead to the additional work of going through the other files to find it. Is that what makes paper reliable enough? Digital document, on the contrary, are easier to index, find, and share. Moreover, you would not expose the document as much to natural disasters or theft, which may lead to them being lost forever. Meanwhile, digital documents can be secured from unauthorized access with passwords and can be backed up more easily than paper documents.

Myth 4: To maintain a Document Management System, we need to hire IT staff

The Electronic Document systems are initiated for faster and easier working of the business. They can be used with minimal training of the existing employees, as they are incredibly user friendly. It is only a myth that the business would require IT professionals in order to support the document management system.

With the myths debunked, it is evident that the document management system is a wise choice to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and increase information security. Why then should you delay the switch from traditional paper documents to digital documents?